"The Game of Thrones" was hacked almost 55 million times in the first episode of the season.


Not surprisingly, a popular TV series such as "Game of Thrones" has been pirated, but it's against the first episode of the eighth season, which finally came back a year later. The scale of his piracy is still jaw-dropping. The analysis company MUSO said that the first episode of the eighth season was nearly 5 million pirates within 24 hours after the transmission. About 76.6% of them were reproduced through pirated streaming, 12.2% were downloaded directly, 10.8% were launched via public seeds and 0.5% were downloaded via private seed. However, the most interesting part of this analysis is the display of areas where piracy is occurring in large numbers, as well as countries where television and broadcasting services are relatively limited.

According to MUSO, about 10 million pirated views came from India, and HBO did not provide content services in any way. In addition, about 5 million times were from China, and the site's legal channels transmitted a revised version of the review. This type of audience will choose to watch pirated copies. If it is not convenient to get genuine content, you are expected to see the original full program.

Of course this does not mean that there is no piracy in the United States. In this HBO country, piracy has reached 4 million times, which means that many people do not mind watching programs through illegal channels. In summary, according to the survey results, the biggest problem for HBO may not be how to fight piracy, but how to make it easier for more countries to access their services.


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