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2018-11-22 22:21:16 Source: Sohu Sports

The first round of the China tour in Chongqing ended and champion Zhang Xinjun got thicker.

On November 22, the first round of the Chongqing China Chongqing Qinglong Open 2018 tour. Champion Zhang Xinjun once again topped the mountain town with a single round of 5 birds and 1 bogey (-4). Korean player Jaewon LEE is the player who took the day (6), but regretted having swallowed 3 bogeys. Zhang Yuhong is another excellent Chinese player today with 4 pigeons and 1 bogey, and he and Li Zaiyuan and the other 5 players together in second position.

Zhang Xinjun is still quite satisfied with his status today. He is still adjusting gradually to the speed of the Qinglong green. He missed a few short shoves today. "It should be possible to make three or four shots based on today's results, but today is still general. Yes, stay in a good location."

Li Zaiyuan

Zheng Yuzhen

South Korean player Woojin JUNG is a frequent visitor to the Chongqing competition, today delivered a four-a-boo bogey and is currently tied for second place. Although South Korea's winter is also relatively cold, Zheng Yuzheng does not like to play in cold climates. Coupled with poor rest in these two days, Zheng Yuzhen, who is in a bad state, is quite satisfied with his first round. "I really want to play well, but the putter after the transition is always a little, and there are some regrets in closing the holes."

Guangdong's Zhang Yuhong entered the big list during the qualifying round on Monday, but today's performance is better than on Monday. "Today's hardcore is a lot better than Monday, but the state of the putter is slower." Many of the holes are very close to the mast, but they are all lost, but the game is like this, everyone will regret it. mentality will still be adjusted. "In the first round of the race where the temperature began to rise, Zhang Yuhong, who is warming up, wears a short-sleeved jacket to defend himself from the winter in Chongqing." There are still a few holes in the stadium, 6, 14, 15, but in addition to hole 5 swallowed bogey, the other was successfully approved, hope tomorrow will be better.

Hole 5 (four holes) of the event is a hole that is recognized as more difficult today, with an average score of 4.72 Only two players caught the bird in this hole. The narrow drop point plus the menacing fairway bunker and creek traversing the greens allow many players to choose a conservative move in this hole. Few players can score ON and the slope on the right side of the green is This day gathered more balls. Canadian player Beon Yeong LEE, despite having saved Pai in the 5th hole, still feels this is the toughest spot of the day, he is also the only player in this round that did not swallow the specter.

According to the weather forecast, the temperature in Chongqing will rise even more tomorrow, I believe the feeling of the players will also catch, so stay tuned!


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