The first round of the Asian Cup game is frequent, and there are not many weak teams left for the national football team.


In the first round of the Asian Group match, there were many ups and downs, and the rookie was not Wu Amon.

There are not many weak teams left for the national football team.

After the fifth game of the Asian Cup of the United Arab Emirates, 24 teams have already appeared. After a round of war, I believe that almost all fans have a feeling: cold, very cold.

Strong team is not strong, weak team is not weak, game results are also popular, fans shouted: Asian football, the world is chaos. Especially when we saw the old fish we thought we were familiar with, we became strangers, we got strange, and we became strong, so the Chinese fans had to fight another cold war.

In the opening match, the UAE host was almost tripped over by the Bahrain team. If it were not for a controversial penalty to equalize the score, the host's face could be lost. After that the champion and defending champion Australia were really in the middle. The curse of the current World Cup champion lost to Jordan in 0: 1, Thailand's 1: 4 defeat for the Indian team has made chaos more chaotic, and the latter also reached 55 years in the Asian Cup. First win

The Korean team, which is also a big hit, fought for 90 minutes before reluctantly defeating the Philippines with a 1-0 win. The Vietnamese team, considered the most likely to be the "underdog" in this Asian Cup, though the 2: 3 was beaten by the Iraqi team, contributed to the most exciting game in the first round.

Last night, the best team in Asian Cup history, the Japanese team that won the 4th Asian Cup in the 8th Asian Cup, also defeated Turkmenistan, which was scored with the "weak team", 3: 2 Not to mention the national football team in the first game of exciting victory in Kyrgyzstan. These are the weakest teams in the Asian football team that have been classified as the third and fourth season teams. In this Asian Championships, everyone is impressed.

When we return them to the international rankings, we can take it for granted that we are familiar with these teams, but in fact they are very strange. The presence of these teams on the international scene is not high, and it is difficult to find a little about them in the national league and European League headlines. The national football team is looking for a warm-up opponent, and always favors the strong team from Southeast Asia or the team from West Asia.

As we all know, we used to ignore them. At the moment, they have left us unable to climb.

The Vietnamese team inaugurated its own golden generation. The average age of the players is only 23.13 years and it is the youngest of the 24 teams. These post-95 players are aligned with the latest trends in Asian football development and will play the "small fast" to the extreme. Creating history in the World Youth Championship, joining the Asian U-23 final, the semifinals of the Indonesian Games and winning the Southeast Asian Championships are evidence of the rapid progress of the Vietnamese national team in recent years. The words that Fan Zhiyi said six years ago are again vibrating: if you continue, you will lose to Vietnam.

After the Vietnamese team defeated Iraq, the fans expressed hope that the national football team could move to Vietnam. The outcome of the movement is not really predictable. Not only Vietnam, but also the teams that were weak, the national football team can win, who else?

After knocking down India from Thailand, the national football team was defeated by the 0-0 opponent last year when national football was unfortunate, now it is known that is a wonderful thing and can be flat, looks good. In fact, the national league in India in recent years, the atmosphere is extremely hot. Some media have studied the official website of Yinchao Statistics on the various lists of data on the site are all innumerable, there are no defeats in the top five leagues, only the Chinese Super League.

The Philippines depend on naturalized foreign aid and is no longer the ancient Philippines. Teams from Central Asia, such as Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, are generally less active than teams in Southeast Asia, and their impressions are completely vague. However, from the first round of debut, the three brothers from Central Asia inherited the legacy of former Soviet football, playing global football, fast and concise, a little inattentive can create a deadly threat.

This Asian bowl can be considered an Asian-language sword in the Asian region. All major sects have their own tricks. There are some "digs" that have long lived in the mountains and forests. For the national soccer team, it is also an opportunity to broaden their horizons, when, initially, we were blinded by the super-virtual fire and satisfied with our small progress, the opponents have already advanced and even surpassed.

Applying the famous saying: There is not much time for the Chinese team – there are not many weak teams for the Chinese team. (Zong Qianqian)


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