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2018-12-22 08:44:24 Source: Green Cat

Original title: The first Asian Football Cup opponent is in a hot state! Lippi needs to worry or he can not get the team to qualify

It is now very close to the opening of the Asian Cup. For the national football team, the game is relatively late, so the team has enough time to start training in Qatar. To allow players to enter the game as early as possible, they find other teams for the warm-up match and then go to the United Arab Emirates to prepare for the first round of the Asian Cup in Kyrgyzstan. It can be said that the formation time of the national football is very long, and Lippi is also highly valued for the performance of this Asian Cup, after all, it seems that the Italians are still very hopeful to conclude the contract with the Chinese Football Federation.

However, for Lippi, there is now bad news: on January 7, his first opponent in the Asian Cup, Kyrgyzstan, showed a good state recently, beating Jordan in the friendly. We all know that Kyrgyzstan has almost no place on the Asian football map, so many Chinese fans have said that the team on which the national football team is located should be ranked after the South Korean team. After all, the third group also has the opportunity to qualify. Therefore, the fans are still very optimistic about the national football team entering the top 16.

But now look at the state of Kyrgyzstan, to know that the Jordan team is not a weak, they are also participating in the Asian Cup, so in the friendly before the Asian Cup will definitely focus on the team but they really Lost to Kyrgyzstan, it can be seen that the first opponent of our national Asian football cup is really good. This also brought some pressure to Lippi, after all, the opponents who were almost sure to hit had come up in the state, which is a test for Lippi's preparation work.

The status of a team at this stage will directly affect their performance. For the current national football, the force is above Kyrgyzstan, especially the experienced veteran such as Zheng Zhi, but it is impossible to underestimate the enemy, which is also a taboo for the military.

It is necessary to say that the last opponent of the national football team is the South Korean team. If Sun Xingyu, who finished playing the Premier League, will officially return to the national team, hope to win the Chinese team is even smaller, so , if the national football team is facing Kyrgyzstan and the Philippines, I can not get a minimum of 4 points, but our national football team defeated the Korean team under the leadership of Lippi, but after all, the Korean team came to lose. National football also ran out of the preliminaries, so for national football, the safest plan for the Asian Cup is obviously to win the first two battles and reach the goal of entering the top 16 ahead of schedule.


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