The "firepower value" can not be automatically withdrawn. The female anchor processes the video site / media player of the volcano


According to news from Dec. 6, according to news from the Haidian Court Network, the author Fan will appeal to Beijing Micro-Visual Vision Technology Co., Ltd. to appeal to the court for payment of the applicant's "firepower" due to the inability to withdraw the firepower of the gift of the fans and the reward of the platform. The total amount of RMB is 13.7476.2 yuan.

The author, Fan, said that in December 2017 registered an account in the video application of the volcano. After registering, she posted several videos in the video application of the volcano and broadcast several times.This period, she received the firepower of public and platform reward. The total value is more than 340 million According to the "fire power" video conversion rule of the volcano, 10 live "fire power" = 0.4 yuan, and all the author's "fire power" is converted in a total of 13.7476.2 yuan. In July 2018, Ms. Fan asked the defendant to convert the "firepower" into withdrawal from the RMB, but failed.

The author, Fan, believes that the defendant Beijing Micro-Broadcast Vision Technology Co., Ltd. did not pay the live broadcast remuneration under the agreement, which seriously violated its legal rights and interests, and appealed to Beijing Micro-Vision Vision Technology Co., Ltd ..


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