The ECG function of the Apple Watch Series 4 is open in the USA.


Looking back at Apple's annual conference three months ago, the official announcement that the Apple Watch Series 4 will feature ECG is definitely the highlight of the product at night. Today, this highly anticipated feature is finally available in the US with the latest watchOS 5.1.2 system. At the same time, the factory added a reminder function to detect irregular heart rate on all Apple Watch models.

However, according to the US FDA, this ECG tool in Watch Series 4 can only be used to provide reference information to the user, and its age limit should not be less than 22 years of age. At the same time, they also stressed that users should not take "medical measures" based on the clock readings. Users should always remember to go to a qualified professional to ask about the situation. It is noteworthy that there are some medical experts who believe that potential error data on Apple Watch may cause the user to travel unnecessarily. Apple's attitude is to re-launch the FDA's board, telling everyone not to look at the Apple Watch Series 4 with diagnostic equipment standards.


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