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2019-01-11 16:30:36 Source: Prospective Network

It took 20 years for eonid Moroz to try to accept an incredible idea: even if scientists have started looking for alien life on other planets, it is likely to be on Earth. There was extraterrestrial life and its biological structures and brains are remarkably different from other species. For thousands of years, these aliens hid in the "lights and sorrows." They can reveal a lot to us, including the nature of evolution, and what kind of expectations I can have when we finally discover life on other planets.

Neurologist Moroz first saw the clue of this discovery in the summer of 1995, when he had just arrived in the United States from his native Russia. That summer he passed the Friday Harbor Ocean Laboratory in Washington, DC, a laboratory in the thriving Puget Sound archipelago, which is the intersection of tidal currents and oceans. Hundreds of animal species rushed to the rocky coast: flocks of jellyfish, crustaceans, undulating sea lilies, scorpions-scorpions, flatworms and larvae of starfish and countless other animals. These creatures not only represent the remoteness of Puget Sound, but also represent the furthest branch of the animal life category. Moroz spent hours in the dock behind the lab, collecting animals to study his nerves. He spent several years studying the nervous systems of various animals, hoping to understand the evolutionary origins of the brain and intelligence. But he came to the port on Friday to find a special animal.

He specially trained his eyes so that he could recognize the transparent spheroidal body of the animal in the water under the sun: it radiated a rainbow of flashes and fleeting fragments of rainbow, which were thousands of tens of thousands of hairy eyelashes scattered in rhythm, and is driven by these eyelashes. This animal is known as the jellyfish and has been considered a jellyfish. But at the harbor that summer, Moroz had a surprising discovery: under the mundane appearance of this animal, there was a huge misidentification hidden. From his first experiment, he discovered that these animals are not related to jellyfish and are very different from any other animal on the planet.

Moroz came to this conclusion by detecting the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and nitric oxide (these chemicals are considered the neurological language of all animals) in the nerve cells of the scorpion jellyfish. Despite his hard work, he could not find the molecules of these chemicals in this animal, and the impact of this incident is very broad.

The jellyfish were already known to have a relatively advanced nervous system at the time, but these early Moroz experiments showed that the nerves of living water are composed of a different set of molecules, unlike any other animal, jellyfish . The nervous system uses "different chemical languages," Moroz said. "These animals are ocean oceans".

If Moroz is right, the jellyfish represents an evolutionary experiment that has been in operation for over 500 million years. This independent evolutionary path (like Evolution 2.0) has invented neurons, muscles, and other specialized tissues that are independent of the rest of the animal kingdom and use different starting materials.


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