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The 5th Beijing Young Film Opening Ceremony Wang Xiaoshuai is the chairman of the jury


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December 18, 2018 11:25 Source: China News Network

Beijing, December 18, 17, the 5th Beijing Youth Film Festival was opened in Beijing. At the venue, the chairman of the final evaluation, Wang Xiaoshuai, jury members, Shu Huan, Ju Di, Zhao Lixin, Yuxi Chen, Sai Ren, and the 5th Beijing Youth Film Festival Ambassador Peng Yuchang and other guests attended the event.

Photo of the jury group

The theme of "Chinese History" at the 5th Beijing Youth Film Festival is to pay attention to and exploit talented talents who pay attention to social benefits, encourage deep exploration of cultural connotations and innovate in cinematographic art, integrate resources, create environment and promote Industry , pay attention to the creation, encourage new people and examine the works of young filmmakers from all aspects of film art and film technology.

Peng Yanchang, the ambassador of the Youth Film Festival, said he was very grateful to the film festival for giving young filmmakers a platform to realize their dreams.

The jury president and famous director Wang Xiaoshuai spoke as the jury's representative: "It is very happy to be the judge of the film festival because we can see the future and hope of Chinese cinema."

It is reported that the 518 Beijing Youth Film Festival built a new model of movie display unit.The 21 screening unit films are divided into 4 themes, rich in themes and various types.They will be held at China Film Library Xiaoxitian Cinema by 9 days. Screening (End)

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