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The Wall Street Journal published today that although Tesla has improved the model in the near future.
3 production, but but the loss of service, service delay, the owner needs to wait for three months to replace the parts to the car, complete the repair. The following is the full text of the article:
Last August, when Gus Schmidt (Gus
Schmidt) mentions his model of Tesla
When he was in the car, he was so excited that he posted a picture of him and his wife standing next to the car with a smile on Twitter. However, after 6 weeks, that excitement vanished.

The Fort Lauderdale resident in Florida damaged the bumper in a low-speed collision and had to wait three months for the repair shop to repair Tesla replacement parts to complete the repair.

Long waiting time for maintenance

The wait time for this car repair has been unusually long, highlighting a flaw that has become a Tesla owner. As a newcomer to the automotive industry, Tesla has built a coveted brand of luxury cars, but is still learning some basic car business.

In recent months, Tesla has accelerated the production of Model 3, causing buyers like Schmidt to finally mention the car after a long wait. However, as sales of Tesla cars in the US are close to luxury car brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, it has encountered new logistics problems, from delivering and serving more and more cars to balancing supply and demand.

Schmidt was in a good mood when he mentioned the car.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk acknowledged that the company faces some operational challenges, and said in a recent teleconference that the top priority in this quarter is to improve car services.

"We were stupid in the practice of storing auto parts," Musk said. For example, Tesla sent spare parts from China to the United States and then to Chinese owners. "It is wiser to send the parts directly to the service center."

Given that Musk has indicated that Tesla will reduce Model 3's entry price from the current $ 42,900 to the much-anticipated $ 35,000 to cover the top buyers, it is especially important to address logistics issues. Musk expects Tesla to deliver up to 400,000 vehicles worldwide this year, about four times car sales two years ago. In this quarter, Tesla began shipping Model 3 to Europe.

Insufficient parts inventory

Over the past few months, Tesla owners have given vent to social media dissatisfaction, including the hassle of repair inquiries, long waiting times for repairs and defects in new delivery cars, whether in car paint or window cracks.

In an interview, several Model 3 shoppers described their disappointment as they waited for the pieces to arrive in the workshop. San Jose owner David Kim said his model 3 crashed in September and has not yet completed repairs. He said the Tesla customer service center told him a few weeks ago that the company is focusing on producing new cars.

"For existing owners, I really did not see sincerity in Tesla," said David King, 33.

A number of owners of auto repair shops said that it takes several weeks to get more Tesla parts than other car manufacturers because the supply chain of other automakers generally stores a large number of spare parts.

David King's Model 3 is still being repaired

Tesla said the idea that spare parts always need to wait weeks to arrive is inaccurate, and many factors affect the repair of the car, including the number of necessary accessories, availability and logistics to deliver them. Tesla said the company built models to better predict the time needed for parts and their distribution in the supply chain. Tesla has also established a team to ensure the quality of repairs to third-party repair shops.

Lack of franchised network

Part of the problem that Tesla found was that the company did not have hundreds of licensed dealer networks that sold and serviced cars like other automakers. For a long time, Tesla has been promoting this as an advantage, thinking that this will allow the company to better control the customer experience. But this also means that Tesla must invest in establishing service centers and hiring staff.

Tesla said the company currently has 85 service centers in the United States. Prior to the introduction of the Model 3, Tesla invested in a team of mobile technicians who visited car owners, freeing up space from the standalone service center. Tesla expects 80% of vehicle repairs to be completed outside the service center and plans to expand the mobile services team by 24% this year.

Tesla fell from 6th to 27th place in last year's Consumer Reports reliability ranking for 29 car brands. Model 3 received a "medium" reliability rating. Tesla challenged this highly-researched research by saying that his car is the safest, most performance car on the market.

Musk said last month that Tesla will update its mobile repair service. Once the vehicle sensor detects a hole in the car or other defects, the owner can ask Tesla to immediately dispatch a maintenance crew and provide a scooter. "This will significantly improve car owner satisfaction," Musk said.

However, for cars that collided, Tesla said the company has two body repair centers, all located in California, and nine repair centers that handle minor collisions. In addition, Tesla will allow car owners to seek repair workshops across the country.

Musk said that Tesla had already made mistakes to store the accessories used in the service in the mobile warehouse instead of the local service center, resulting in a simple repair that may take several days to wait for the accessories in place.

He also said at TWitter that he hopes Tesla will be able to handle more collision repairs on its own. The body repair shop is a low-margin business that requires significant investments in the storage of appropriate equipment and in the recruitment of trained personnel.

"This cost will be astronomical," said Dan Brennan, who runs a car shop in Orlando, Fla., About 40 years ago. Brennan stopped working on Tesla repairs a year ago, because it was too long to wait for Tesla accessories.

Despite service issues, many Tesla buyers, such as Schmidt, are still Model 3 fans. Schmidt, 38, said he had more patience with Tesla than his previous Toyota Prius and BMW M3.

"In the waiting period of three months, I'm definitely upset," he said. "But when you get your car back, happiness will make you forget the previous dislike."


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