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Tan Dun, dean of Bard College of Music in the United States: This is an important opportunity for the story –


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December 23, 2018 01:55 Source: Beijing Youth Daily Participate in the interaction

Acting as a rector of the Bard College of Music in the United States, promoting research and exchange of Eastern and Western cultures
Tan Dun: This is an important opportunity given by history.

(Reporter Lun Bing) The famous composer and conductor of China, Tan Dun, was appointed rector of the Bard Music Academy on December 21, beginning July 1, 2019, for a period of three years. Bard College has issued a statement saying that after taking office Tan Dun will lead the Bard Conservatory of Music to fulfill the mission of cultivating young musicians and at the same time strive to promote research and exchange of Eastern and Western cultures. Tan Dun said he is looking forward to exploring the music world with musicians from around the world during his tenure.

On December 22, Tan Dun said in a telephone interview with the Beijing Youth Daily reporter: "This is an opportunity given to me by history. I hope that through this platform, we deepen the cultural exchanges between East and West and concentrate Bard College is a famous American school, and it is very important that the world deepens the exchange between the East and the West, I hope the world has no permanent war and peace, and the profound interchange between the East and the West can promote permanent peace in the world. During my term, although I do not carry much administrative work, I will understand the direction of academic research and teaching. Future research will explore cultural exchanges between the East and the West in more depth and will build a platform to make the world a I understand the big family. At the same time, I will not distract the creation of my music because I am the dean, I will continue to work while I do college work, because this is an important opportunity given by history. "

As the first Chinese in history to serve as dean of the leading music school in the United States, Tan Dun expressed his expectation for his tenure. In order to communicate and understand me, I look forward to working with the students of the Bard School of Music to conceive or reimagine their artistic career, help these young people build deeper connections with the changing world and the expanding music world and create with them, the future of life and art. "

Bard College is a four-year liberal arts college with more than 150 years of academic history and offers courses in nearly 50 subjects in four major categories: art, language and literature, science and math, and computer science and social sciences. Founded in 2005, the Bard College of Music is considered one of the best music schools in the United States. The undergraduate curriculum is based on the spirit of liberal arts education and uncovers the greatest potential of musicians through broad acceptance of liberal arts education . According to Leon Postein, dean of Bard College, "As a composer, conductor and artist, Tan Dun has crossed the boundaries of culture and genre and expanded the definition of music. We sincerely hope that the Bard Music Academy will be led by Tan Dun."

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