Suspense, suspense, burning brain, such "escape room", you still dare to play?


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January 14, 2019 10:40 Source: Wuhan Evening News Participate in the interaction

Suspense suspense

Do you dare play an "Escape Room"?

Wuhan Evening News (Reporter Qiu Chen) The "Escape Room" game is popular among young people, but you dare to play in the face of life-threatening "escape"? The thriller Hollywood thriller "Escape Room" will be released January 18 in the country's top theaters. On the 12th, this "Escape Room" movie was previewed at Wushang Moore Studio in advance. Set up, suspense the story of burning brains, the audience is firmly in the seat of the theater, called the latest thriller movie works.

The movie "Escape Room", as its name suggests, tells a story based on a secret room game. As a group drama, the hero of the film is six strangers from different backgrounds, in addition to receiving a mysterious email, claiming they won a grand prize after winning a "room escape" game, but soon discovered that. The game level settings are very cruel, all threats are real and everyone is in danger.

Although it is a new theme, the "Escape Room" is not small, the film was created by the producer of the series "Speed ​​and Passion" and the director of "Live 4". The atmosphere of horror created by the film is indeed in force. There are six secret rooms, each with its own characteristics, but in the same way that we want to put the six competitors to death.

In the film, the glass of water filled with water should be used to replace the hands and feet of the competitor, and the method of unlocking the chamber to open the passage of the chamber is pressed, in cold weather, it is necessary to use body temperature to melt the huge ice to draw the inner wrench to open the section of the bridge; In the bar where space is upside down, all other music collapses, and this kind of secret environment makes audiences marvel at the director's super-brain, and is also burned by the suspense of the movie. The plot is affected.

It can be said that after entering the secret room, the movie took the audience to the highway where the experience of the film was experienced, imagination and horror come all the way, and they are firmly in the seat of the theater. During the filming process, no one left the movie theater half way, which also reflected the incredible experience of watching the movie on the other side. Maybe after watching this movie, the only question left to the public is: do you dare play "Escape Room" again?


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