Surprise again and again, full of happiness – 2018-Xinhuanet Sports by Su Bingtian


Su Bingtian, who has a double crop in his career, is a well-deserved "winner of life" in 2018.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 17: The surprise is full of happiness – 2018 of Su Bingtian

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Junkuan, Zhu Qing

On the court, three times he broke Asia's record 60 meters in men, twice tied the 100-meter Asian record and also became a father in life. Su Bingtian, who has a double crop in his career, is a well-deserved "winner of life" in 2018. Summarizing the year he is about to pass, he will enter his own year and express his happiness with a series of words like "surprise "," legend "and" perfect. "

Perfect season, spell surprise

In Su Bingtian's printing, his 2018 season was inaugurated on November 27 last year. That day, shortly after the honeymoon, he said goodbye to his newly married wife and went to Beijing to start a new round of winter training. Two months later, Su Bingtian went abroad to participate in the competition and began to advance one after another.

"Remembering the whole season is still very legendary.January 23 is my first time to go abroad this year.At that time, my heart was still very embarrassing.Because I did a test in the team before going abroad, 66. The team leader asked me how much I planned to run in the first game? I am very ashamed, and said to run 6 seconds 65. He said 6 seconds 65 can be a bit slow. " Bingtian interviewed on the 17th, recalled At that time, the details were still fresh and the details were still new.

"In fact, there was a little pressure at that moment.All competitions in the indoor season were chosen by me.I organized a lot of games for myself.I wanted to discover the feelings through various competitions and get ready for the Indoor World Championship." Su Bingtian said.

What he did not think was that Su Bingtian ran 6 seconds and 55 in Berlin in the first game, after a week ran 6 seconds in Karlsruhe, increasing his Asian record in 0.03 seconds.

After that, Su Bingtian ran for 6 seconds 43 and 6 seconds 42 in succession, and won the silver medal at the indoor world championships, becoming the first Chinese adult athlete to win the men's sprint medal in the world competition and also created the in this project. The best score.

"After the 6 seconds 47, the second game was separated for 3 days, I wanted to give up and not participate, then I took the test and I participated. I felt that my physical condition was very good. In the end, I tried my best to fight again. In 6 seconds, 43 is an Asian record. So many opportunities still need to be resolved by me, "Su Bingtian said.

Entering the season outdoors, Su Bingtian continued his state of fire. In June he ran 9 seconds 91 times, which matched the Asian record created by Qatar's naturalized player Okunod. In August, he won the Asian Games championship with a time of 9 seconds and 92, and he was the leader in the Asian Games.

"It is a great blessing to see Europe in general this year, most of the good results are in Europe, and almost every good result is created by competing with the best players in the world. Su Bingtian said: "My 2018 is really full of surprises and surprises. This is a very memorable year in my sports career."

Update Daddy

In the 2018 competition, Su Bingtian gave up only one game, namely the World Cup in athletics in mid-July. Originally scheduled to take part in this game, he rushed back to China after the athletics competition in Lucerne, Switzerland on July 9, preparing to accompany his wife, who should leave. It's a shame that the plan can not keep up with the changes: Su Bingtian is still on the plane back to China and his son fell to the ground.

Although he could not keep up with the moment his son was born, the excitement of Su Bingtian, who was the father of the first time, went beyond words. In the interview, he always mentioned his son and wife from time to time.

"This year, I can be home for the New Year, the coach is better for me this year, let me stay with my kids at home." "The son has had a fever for two days and is very worried." "Now the training is for the dormitory and it's a video with the wife and children." When Su Bingtian mentioned the child, his face was always full of fatherly love.

However, due to the heavy workload of the training, Su Bingtian and his family always met and there were many excuses and losses in his heart. When the reporter asked when he was going to take his son to watch the game, he joked, "Now the child is too young to read and can not read, and now he does not even know who his father is."

"I went home a long time ago and he did not want me to take it in. I felt very strange, I will have more time to accompany them after I retire in the future, now I hope they are safe and healthy." Su Bingtian said: I have a career-oriented career. It takes two to three years for the kids to figure things out, so I'll keep them. "

Su Bingtian said he hopes his son will be able to watch his game at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. "At the time, he was also two years old.It will be my last Olympics.I hope he can see his father's participation in the Olympics."

Sword refers to Tokyo

Su Bingtian will be 30 next year. As the "big brother" of the relay team, he joked that he always felt he was very young, but when he was with the young players of the team, he discovered that he was very old. However, judging by their current training situation, there is no problem at the Tokyo Olympics until two years later.

Su Bingtian said that since last year, following Randy's practice, the training mode has changed a lot. In the past, the intensity of the preparations for the competition was too great, and the body sometimes could not bear it. The training mode is now very strong, but the time is short, so the body has enough time to rest.

"This model usually trains very little before the game," said Su Bingtian, "before the game starts, there is no bottom in the heart, but through the game it turns out that this can keep the body in a more active state."

There are not many major missions in the upcoming 2019 season, other than the Doha World Championships. Su Bingtian admits it is not difficult to reach the World Championship, and his focus will be more on the 90-second mark.

"Now I feel like I have that ability in every respect, because of my previous experience of improving my performance, when I ran three or four times and 10 seconds 10, I already had the strength to break 10 seconds. 9 seconds 91, 9 seconds 92, actually there is the possibility of breaking 9 seconds 90. "Su Bingtian said.

"But my hard power has not yet arrived, so it's still possible to count on the best physical strength, the best state, the best time and location, and the wind speed, temperature and other factors. is my goal. "


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