Suning-Shenhua beginning: Gu Chao returned Xie Pengfei substitute Zhu Jianrong to take Mo 10 –


  1. Starting from Suning-Shenhua: Gu Chao's return to Xie Pengfei replaces Zhu Jianrong to take Mo 10 Sina
  2. Cao Yuding, Bai Jiajun did not leave with the team, Jiangsu Shenhua did not step on the ground due to rain.
  3. Super League prediction: The top three are competing for Evergrande's success, and Shenhua is in danger
  4. Flowers: The speed of Suning is very prominent, Shenhua may not be able to enter the top eight.
  5. Oraloyu: Shenhua is playing better and better to show fans the winning heart.
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