Spring Festival stalls more than last year without suspense or amount of 7 billion yuan – China News


  1. Spring Festival tents more than last year without suspense or value of 7 billion yuan – Chinanews.com
  2. Create a single day log! China's daily box office revenue on New Year's Day has surpassed $ 1.444 billion.
  3. China's New Year's box office surpassed 1.437 billion, and New Year's day was nearly 996 million.
  4. The first wave of Spring Festival stalls, the first wave of word of mouth / box office released: "Wandering Earth" marked 8.5 percent will brush – Film cnbeta.com
  5. New Year's Day on the Mainland, the box office broke 1.4 billion high "crazy aliens" nearly 400 million won "Flying life" broke 300 million Gua Mtime Time Network
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