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2019-04-21 00:12:50 Source: China News Network

The game scene. Map Organizing CommitteeThe game scene. Map Organizing Committee

in Beijing April 21 reporter learned from the organizing committee that about 5,000 warriors gathered in Jinan International Racecourse on the 20th to participate in the 2019 Infiniti Spartan Warriors Challenge Jinan Station opened here. Explain the potential, the thrill of breaking. After three years of waiting, "Quancheng" Jinan finally ushered in the first show of the Spartan Warriors. The simultaneous landing of the race and the children's race also allows more warriors who are challenged to have the opportunity to experience diverse Spartan culture.

After about 30 minutes of excitement, the first elite men and women champions in Jinan were defeated by Johnny Tieu and Myriam Guillot Boisset of Hong Kong and France, and the runners-up of the elite male group were Niu Zhiming and Jacky Boisset . The runner-up and runner-up of the women's elite group are Chen Xinghui and Julia.

The Spartan Warriors finally settled in Jinan this year, and adding the new division made it easier for more Warriors to participate. "I want to join the Spartan Warriors for a long time, but the hard work makes me have no way out, this year I finally waited for the opportunity to fight at home!" Jinan Qian said cheerfully. "The most fascinating thing about the Spartan Warriors is the combination of simple running and crossing obstacles, allowing people to experience all kinds of fun and discover their own shortcomings throughout the process."

The game scene. Map Organizing CommitteeThe game scene. Map Organizing Committee


To enable first-time warriors to sense Sparta's spirit and training in advance, the Spartan Warriors held a sharing meeting and a professional training camp for adults and children before the game to help everyone who wants to challenge and break . Learn about the Spartan warriors and learn about their physical condition and the right way to train. Through various training sessions, they were able to unlock the Spartan Warriors and join the Spartan Warrior tribe. "When I first met this game, I did not dare to participate, so I got in the training camp. I did not expect to fall in love after the experience. It's a form of training that is not tedious or boring. loves sports and falls in love with life, "said Li Qing.

On the day of the competition, the unique visual and stage atmosphere of the Spartan Warriors made all participating warriors eager to try. The ceremonial squad is to let the warriors present be excited in the face of the upcoming challenge day in the field. Each corner can feel the enthusiasm of the warriors of size they are eager to try. There are three groups in the competition, namely elite group, age group and open group, facing the challenge of more than 5 kilometers and 20 obstacles. The elite male and female elite group starts at 8:30 AM and 8:45 AM, and the age group is located in the elite group and begins at 9am. In addition to the elite group, all age groups also performed terrifically. "Sparta's challenge is harder than I thought, but it's not impossible." After the first time in Sparta, Mr. Li said after the game, "all obstacles have their own characteristics, each one is different.Ability.I did not expect to be able to complete the whole process and finally challenged by the companions of team to continue challenging. I believe I will become stronger! "


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