"Singer 2019" debut Liu Huan led the first – Lianhe Zaobao


  1. Premiere "Cantor 2019" Liu Huan took the first joint morning newspaper
  2. "Singer" 2019 first period: Liu Huan first Wu Qingfeng second Qi Yu third | singer | Liu Huan | Sina ranking
  3. "Singer" first ranking exposure ranking Liu Huan first Wu Qingfeng second mobile Netease Net
  4. "Singer 2019" will air tonight. Qingfeng, Yang Kun lost to Qi Yu Liu Huan and Lianhe Zaobao
  5. "Singer" 2019 first Wu Qingfeng led the second note to tell the story of the road | singer | Wu Qingfeng | Sina notes
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