Shenzhen manufacturers send a letter to support Huawei: officials are going to pay fines for the purchase of Apple phones – Cellphone –


On the afternoon of December 10, the official website of Mengpai Technology today released an announcement entitled "Notice of Solidarity with Huawei". The announcement states that all of the company's relevant product designs are preferred to use the Huawei chip solution, and employees buy Huawei and ZTE personally. Mobile phones, the company gives a subsidy of 15% at the market price.

The statement also stated that if an employee buys an Apple mobile phone, the company will impose a 100% penalty in accordance with the market price, and the office staff, along with the purchase of the car, will stop buying the brand in the US , but if you receive the US export order, you will receive double rewards. The ad is valid for 3 years.

The Dreampad customer service team determines the authenticity of this notice. In addition, he explained that the company's founder, Liu Dan, was the former chairman of the Konka Group. After the start of business, he still maintained his feelings for the state brand and his admiration for Ren Zhengfei and Dong Mingzhu. This solidarity with Huawei is not for the hype, and did not actively promote this warning. Normally, the boss also advocates that employees use household products.


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