Sunday , June 20 2021

Shenyang urban construction plan this year: 32.6 billion yuan to invest in 50 people's livelihood projects

On January 18, January 17, Shenyang officially announced the urban construction plan and interpreted it. This year, the investment scale of the Shenyang Urban Construction Project will reach 32.6 billion yuan, focusing on improving the construction of transportation facilities, highlighting the construction of the ecological environment, coordinating the construction of public facilities, strengthening the livelihood of the population and rectifying the five aspects of rural human settlements. The engineering of the system is deployed.

It is understood that in terms of improving the construction of transportation facilities and modernizing the functions of the integrated centers, Shenyang city will focus on the construction of subways, expressways, main and secondary roads and comprehensive control of water, atmosphere and household waste .

(Editor: Wang Yuzhuo)

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