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Shanghai Tennis Masters: Jokovich Federer out of "95 after" semi-final meeting – Sports News


Original title: Shanghai Tennis Masters: Jokovich Federer Offside

On the 11th, the 2019 Shanghai Tennis Masters opened the semi-final competition. The day of "good moves and even Taiwan" was a bit of a "cold wind". The two giants of the tournament – the world's first Jiaokovic and Swiss king Federer had a cold finish. The fourth seed, Tim, was also swept away. The Shanghai Masters opened the first four teams with an average age under 23: Medvedev, Sisyphus, Zvilev and Beretini. It also means that this year's Shanghai Masters will witness the birth of a new champion.

The first unpopularity of the day occurred between Joshovic and 21-year-old Greek teenager Sisip. The game played three sets, Joggovic's first set opened 8 minutes to get a 3: 0 lead, the first set also won by 6: 3. The world's first problem began to appear in the second set. Both men were in mutual protection. The situation of mutual support was rewritten in game 12. Jiaokovic made a double mistake when the two were equally divided, sent a breakpoint and fell again. Returning the ball out of bounds, let Sixi Pass break the smash, the latter won the second set by 7: 5.

In the decisive set, the Greek teenager made three break points in the fourth game, successfully broke the scoring and raised the score to 4: 1. The Serbs could not find any chance in the serve of the opponent.In the end, Sisypas earned three match points in his serve game and won the match at 6: 3, earning a valuable half. Final ticket. His opponent will be 23-year-old Russian player Medvedev, who is in good shape recently and defeated Italian star Fergenini 6: 3, 7: 6 (4).

The match between Federer and German teenager Zvilev is also a three-set battle. In the first set, Zvilev broke the break point with beautiful pressure in the sixth game and successfully broke his hair. After taking advantage of the situation, took the first serve to raise the score to 5: 2. After the two men were secured, the Germans made the next set in 6: 3.

In the second set, Zvilev's status fluctuated, and both men hit 6: 6 in the match, and the game went into "grab seven". The grab seven is also full of suspense. In the end, the Swiss "king of the sky" took the ace ball and took inventory to enter the decisive set.

In the third set, Federer was defeated on his first serve and Zvilev was the leader with a 3: 0 advantage. In the fourth game, Federer is still struggling to be broken, fortunately this game is full of dangers. The next two mutual insurance people, the ninth game is also Zvilev's win and serve game, Zvilev holding two finally no more wasted match points, won the first match point, won the third set in 6: 3, reaped the victory from 2 hours and 5 minutes from the war and advanced to the semi-finals.

Zvilev's opponent in the semi-final was the 11th seed of the tournament, Italian player Beretini, who beat Tim 7: 6 (8), 6: 4 and entered the Masters semi-finals. (Reporter Guo Jingdan Zhu Xi)

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