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Reversal of the Premier League situation The hot change number one Liverpool – Liverpool, Manchester City, away, this season, will be in – Yangtze Evening News


2018-12-24 17:17:20 Source: Yangtze Evening News

The situation of the Premier League is changing and the first place has changed to Liverpool.

With the help of the three military forces and a bit of luck, the Crystal Palace team defeated Manchester City in the away game. If the 0-2 loss to Chelsea is acceptable then the "accident" lost to the Crystal Palace at home can directly affect the title of the Premier League champion this season.

After losing to Crystal Palace, Manchester City 14 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, 44 points, lagged behind 15 wins and 3 Liverpool draws 4 points rivals. In other words, in the next half of the season, Manchester City need to win two more games than Liverpool in order to overtake the opponent. According to the Liverpool League's unbeaten record so far this season, it is very unlikely that they will lose points.

At the same time, Tottenham came in third in the standings, in the case of a small game, the points have reached 39 points. If Tottenham can beat Everton in this round, the points will reach 42 points and there are only two points left in the gap with Manchester City: you can go ahead anytime. In other words, at the same time that it approaches Liverpool, Manchester City can not even maintain second place.

In the next round, Manchester City will challenge Leicester City on the road. In this round, Leicester City defeated powerful Chelsea 1-0, the team's main striker Valdi performed well and scored the only goal of the game. Returning to Leicester City at home, if you can continue to maintain good standing, be it a win or a draw, it can further expand Liverpool's lead against Newcastle.

After 10 days in the 21st round of the Premier League, Manchester City will face Liverpool at home. The result of this "6-point battle" will greatly affect the Premier League title this season. If Manchester City lose to Liverpool at home, there is almost no suspense in the Premier League. If Manchester City can beat the Red Army with the home advantage, the two teams will have more chances. Then, if the pattern of Shuanglong Organ Organs continues, or if Liverpool is powdered, or if the gap between the strong is narrowing, let's wait and see.

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