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After the release of The Avengers 3: Infinite War, fans expressed great concern about the future of the heroes.In the latest version of the "Avengers 4: Final" trailer, "Iron Man" (Tony Stark), the central figure in the Marvel film universe, found "food and drinking water exhausted 4 days ago." Oxygen will also alert the big crisis the next morning.in

So who will save the Iron Man in isolation in space?

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While the original party was crazy about eating books, there were also some enthusiastic audiences who called NASA and asked them to intervene in the "remote rescue."On Sunday, NASA solemnly gave a response on Twitter:

@ 漫 威, we heard that Stark is in a difficult position. You should also hear the command center call and the complex is in trouble.

But if it can not communicate, we recommend that the ground crew deploy all the resources to scan the spatial areas that the missing person can pass.

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For NASA's response, fans expressed their thanks and hopefully add a chicken leg to the Twitter operation.

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Netizens have launched a "celebration"

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So, who should I look for at the meeting?

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Of course it is – open the door, put the eagle eye ~!

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Of course, there is still another possibility. (The old guest blinks)

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What are you doing? Send a little pepper to save thousands of miles!

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NASA replied, Nini, you're saved!

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In fact, the interaction between NASA and Marvel began very early. (See Raytheon nameplate + hammer in task control center?)

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Of course, Stark will continue to float in space until April 29, 2019. ("Reunification 4: Final Game" has not yet been fixed in China)



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