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Ramos Valencia fans: Hey, I do not make sense Respect the superstar – Real Madrid, scored, has become, this season, Liverpool – Netease Sports


2018-12-23 08:06:34 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported on December 23:

In the final of the World Cup, Ramos played a rare high level this season. With 0-0, Ramos salvaged a goal in front of the door. The third goal of Real Madrid was the header of Ramos. However, due to the arrogance of the fans in the game, Ramos shot again after the game.

The World Cup final was held in West Asia and the United Arab Emirates. In the Champions League final last season, Ramos injured Salah with a judo action, which led Liverpool to lose hope of winning. Ramos has not only become an enemy of Egyptian fans, he has become an enemy of the entire Arab world. In the finals, Ramos has been haughty by United Arab Emirates fans.

After the goal, Ramos made a provocative gesture to silence the fans. In an interview after the game, Ramos once again bombarded the fans: "The snoring of me is totally irrational, they must respect the football star!"

After winning the first title of the season, Ramos finally received the slogan of the Triple Crown: "We have excellent performances in all events. We will fight to the end. "

This World Cup champion is the 20th trophy that Ramos won for Real Madrid, exactly the same as Marcelo's trophy. Before the vice-captain, Real Madrid only had two more trophies. Legendary defender Sanjay has scored 21 championships and Hento has become the first team in the history of the team with 23 crowns. If Real Madrid can win the championships of La Liga, the Champions League and the King's Cup this season, the trophy for Ramos and Marcelo will be tied with Hento.

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