Quan Jian Shumou was arrested, Zhou Yang father sent friends circle: good and evil at the end of the newspaper – Sina.com


  1. Quan Jian Shumou was arrested, Zhou Yang's father sent a circle of friends: good and bad until the end of the report
  2. Chief Quan Jian was sentenced to Xia Kou Island: leave and always have to pay back – Viewpoint ยท Note cnBeta
  3. Jinyun News: Real controller of Quanjian company, such as Shumou, and 18 other people were criminally detained according to law_Development
  4. The actual controller of the Quanjian Company, 18 people, such as Shumou, was criminally detained according to law.
  5. 18 people, including the current controller of Quanjian, were arrested according to law – Latest News cnBeta
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