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2018-12-15 03:23:36 Source: People's Daily

Secretary-General Xi Jinping said the auto industry is an industry with large market, high technical content and high level of management refinement. The development of new energy vehicles is the only way for China to move from a large automotive country to an electric car.It is necessary to increase research and development and study the market carefully. Use good life policies to develop products that meet diverse needs, making it a strong point of growth. Important instructions from Secretary-General Xi Jinping have drawn up a project for the development of new energy vehicles in China and have pointed the way.

Since the launch of the major special electric vehicle technology project in 2001, China's new automotive energy industry has gone through more than a decade of development, especially pure electric hybrid vehicles and plug-ins have become global pioneers. On November 9 of this year, the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference held a bi-weekly consultation forum before the Zhigong Central Committee and the CPPCC Economic Committee conducted thorough and meticulous research on the development of the new auto industry power. We believe that under the joint action of the government, the support of science and technology, the huge market scale and the innovative business model, China's new energy industry is in a critical stage of transition from the period of introduction to the stage of growth in the global industrial system. Assuming a crucial position, leading and accelerating the global process of automotive electrification. In order to meet the trend of "electrification, intelligence and sharing," to lead the transformation of industry and support the transformation and modernization, we must strive in five aspects.

I. Adhere to the strategic guidance and achieve the development of high-quality industry

In the new era, China's new automotive energy industry must take on the dual mission of leading transformation, modernization and protection of the atmospheric environment. On the supply side, China's non-fossil energy generation capacity has exceeded 40%, coal-fired power generation efficiency has increased emissions and is at the forefront of the world, providing a better basis for the development of new energy. We must continue to play the leading role of national strategic planning. Drawing on the synthesis of the effects of previous planning and implementation, we will begin to study and formulate new strategies and plans for the development of energy vehicles as quickly as possible, formulate new directions of innovation and objectives and clarify the new situation. The development path and political support propose a timetable and roadmap for a full understanding of automotive electrification, intelligence and sharing, giving industry a clear and long-term development expectation, strengthening the confidence of all parties, leading the implementation of new reform and opening measures. Supply-side structural reforms to achieve capacity conversion and ensure healthy development of new energy vehicles.

Second, adhere to the impetus of innovation, strengthen the leading role of scientific and technological innovation in the sustainable development of new energy vehicles

In the face of the future, technological innovation is still the driving force behind the transformation and modernization of new energy vehicles. We must carefully analyze the technical shortcomings and competitive advantages of China's new energy vehicles, increase investment, advance deployment, adhere to leading companies and industry and university research, and focus on improving core technology and integration capabilities of systems.

First, we must clarify the new direction of electrification, intelligence and sharing, and improve the strategy of technological transformation of new energy vehicles according to market demand. The entire product of the vehicle should improve the quality in terms of comprehensive energy efficiency such as high efficiency, light weight and intelligence. To consider safety as the most important indicator of new energy vehicles, a comprehensive consideration is given to the ideal system solution from the aspects of unit, module, battery, electro-thermal management and structural arrangement of the battery. Second, we must continue to enhance the core technology of "three powers" and strengthen basic research on high-energy batteries, high-power fuel cells, high-performance inverters and high-efficiency power feedback, new power electronics, intelligent network and automatic control systems. Technological innovation and systems integration. Third, we must coordinate the development and industrialization of pure electric, hybrid (plug-in / increment) and fuel cell systems. We now need to increase the research and development of fuel cell engines and overcome the difficulties of key technologies, basic materials and key components. Fourth, we must use new energy vehicles as the best carrier and focus on the development of intelligent network and automatic driving technology. Encourage cross-border integration, build and use open platforms for shared public technology. Fifth, we must scientifically formulate technical standards, strengthen testing capabilities and increase the competitiveness and influence of China's new system of technological standards of energy vehicles. In short, it is necessary to combine industry development planning, focus on key points, expand and improve the major research and development plans of energy technology for new energy vehicles and ensure the technical needs of industrial development.


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