Monday , October 18 2021

Promote the formation of a strong domestic market, the Ministry of Commerce, the promotion of 2019 to promote consumption – Xinhua Net


Xinhuanet Beijing, December 23 (Chen Kaiyin) "Promoting the formation of a strong domestic market" has become one of the important tasks of economic work in 2019, and this is inseparable from the sustained and healthy development of the consumer market. So how will the consumer market be pulled next year? At the press conference of the National Business Conference held on December 22, the Ministry of Commerce supported some practical measures.

"Despite the adverse factors that affect next year, consumption growth will have some pressure." "The development of the consumer market still has many favorable conditions. The fundamentals of stable development have not changed and the upturn in consumption has been great. long-term stability has not changed. "

The Ministry of Commerce said it will implement the "Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for Improving the Consumption Promotion and Motivation of Resident Consumption Potential" and will promote consumption as an important measure to implement government growth and will implement the plan to update consumption to release more consumption. Potential, promote the modernization of consumption, promote the formation of a strong domestic market, continuously improve the basic role of consumption in economic development and continuously meet the growing needs of people for a better life.

"In particular, there are five main measures: first, to improve urban consumption, to promote the modernization of pedestrian streets, to accelerate the cultivation of international consumption centers, and to create new growth points for consumption of the highest standard. The second is to promote rural consumption, improve the modern rural circulation network system, promote the expansion of e-commerce to rural areas, encourage and support the new mode of consumption, expand the market rural areas, promote the transformation and modernization of the farmers' market, and guide the construction of characteristics. The third is to expand service provision, build new urban and rural convenience service centers, increase quality service provision, improve standardization of services in key areas such as cleaning and catering, speed up the construction of the system d and credit of domestic industry and promote the modernization of the service sector; The fourth is to innovate the circulation method, promote online and offline integration, promote the transformation of physical innovation in retail, deepen the process of innovation and application of supply chains and carry out special actions of efficient urban and rural distribution, explore and build credit in the business field. great data support for the new regulatory regime and develop important information system traceability products. "

Wang Bin said that the goal of consumption growth in 2019 is to maintain steady and sustained growth. According to research institutes, total retail sales of consumer goods will increase by 9 percent by 2019, and the contribution rate for economic growth will reach 65 percent, which should continue to be the primary driver of economic growth.

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