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Premier League – Kane World Bojiru is hard to save Lord Tottenham 3-1 Chelsea – Football Europe and United States – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-25 03:40:38 Source: European Football and the United States

Original title: Premier League – Kane World Bojiru is hard to save Lord Spurs 3-1 at Chelsea

At 1.30 p.m. on 25 November, Beijing time, the 13th round of the Premier League in 2018-2019 started a strong dialogue: Chelsea was invited to White Hart Lane to challenge Tottenham. After 90 minutes of fierce fights between the two teams, Chelsea ended up losing to Tottenham by 1-3, the record of invincibility of the season ended. After the current round of play, the Blues points were overtaken by the White Hart Lane Corps and fell to fourth place in the standings. Kane World Wave extended the lead after 16 minutes with Sun Xingyu scoring the winner in the eighth minute, with Ji Lu scoring a goal for the Blues.

The history of both sides fought 160 games, Chelsea 68 wins, 40 draws and 52 losses slightly prevailed. Among them, the Premier League has played 52 times, and Chelsea have 27 wins, 18 draws and 7 losses. The Blue Army has only 2 remaining games in the League of Legends, and the remaining 10 games have 4 draws and 6 losses. The two teams competed in the two rounds of the league last season: Chelsea won 2-1 away and lost to Tottenham at home for 1-3.

In this campaign, Surrey used the starting lineup of the last round, Azar led, Morata, William. It is worth mentioning that this game is the 600th game of William's career. Tottenham, England center Kane led, Ali, Sun Xingyu began. After 4 minutes, Kane tried to nail the coffin shut, but his shot from the left glanced off the top of the bar to fall behind the net. After 1 minute, William's right side of the arc was passed, and Morata flew to the side.

At 8 & # 39 ;, Eriksson passed the free kick on the right side of the attacking area, Ali headed in the area and although Copa did not help the team to solve the danger, the ball went straight into the net and Tottenham lead. 1-0! In the 10th minute, Eriksson took the middle of the road on the court and Sun Xingyu hit the right foot a little higher. With 13 minutes, Ali's field was precise and direct, and Sun Xingyu took the ball to the right side of the area to form a single knife, the right foot was shot by Cup.

At 16 minutes, Eriksson attacked the left-side attack, Davis placed the ball on the left side of the road and Kane took the ball in the horizontal direction. He came to the left side of the prohibited area and suddenly kicked the door and the ball ran fast . To the gate, Tottenham extend the score, 2 to 0! After 19 minutes, Rüdiger came on for Kane. After 1 minutes, the right foot of William, on the right side of the area, missed.

With 21 minutes played, Morata had a free kick in a decent position 24 minutes into the match, but the away team's defenders had a hard time clearing the ball. After 29 minutes, Kane's long distance kick was blocked. On 31 minutes, Sun Xingqi hit his left foot near the top of the arch in the restricted area. At 38 minutes, Azar's right foot, out of the restricted area, was saved by Lori. In the midfield, Azar was awarded the yellow card for the foul. After the interval, Tottenham scored 2-0 at Chelsea.

In the second half, the two sides will fight again. On 54 minutes, the score was rewritten again, Ali broke the ball and launched a counterattack, Sun Xingyu attacked the right side of the field and continued to defend from the defensive, hit the right side of the small restricted area and pushed the left foot to the far corner. A city, 3 to 0! In the 57th minute, Chelsea moved to two, Pedro and Barkley debuted in Morata and Kovacic.

In minute 67, Oriye crossed the middle of the road to the right and Kane won his right foot. At 70 minutes, Kane hit the middle of the restricted area on the left side of the restricted area and in the case of lack of marking near the Ali penalty, the right foot kicked the door higher than the beam. After 1 minute, if Niño kicked a foul, he received a yellow card warning. After 76 minutes, William was substituted by Giroux. Later, Ramela debuted Sun Xingyu.

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