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"Peg is Peggy" fire, but the police have something to say, even the fire is also … – Network anecdote – cnBeta.Com

Is your circle of friends showing up for "It's Peggy" today? This trailer for "Little Pig Page" received 135,000 reloads on Weibo, almost 50,000 comments and 93,000 tanned. This is not an article from WeChat submitted to a circle of

Near the New Year, the grandfather in the mountains and the son of the town called and asked when he would return. The phone was picked by his grandson, and the little grandson said he wanted a page.

The question is coming, what is Peggy?

@ 黄 章 晋 said after reading:

From then on, do not say that Thailand's advertising is 100 times stronger than China's.

So, what about the movie's propaganda film, which is a public service announcement, "What is Pei?"

When will you return? I do not know.

You tell Grandpa what you need, Grandpa is ready for you.

Page, what is Page?

Grandpa looked at the page to find Page, finding only "dressing." Asking the children on the road in the village, they said they did not know. Borrowing the trumpet from the village to ask the villagers for help, they only saw the female anchor "Pec" on the villagers' cell phone.

The third-year daughter who babysat in Beijing knew what Peggy was: "Little pig, red." Holding a bucket of red paint, I wanted to brush my little flower pig into a red grandfather, with the paint on his face. He returned to failure.

The children of the village neighbors came back and fired fireworks to celebrate, but he received a call from his son saying he would not go home.

At the end of the promo, the son took his grandfather to town for the New Year, and the grandfather took the gift he had prepared for his grandson, Page.

This was originally a moving story until I saw …

Read # 啥 是 佩奇 #, occupational disease: "Bace" this fan, there will be people carrying during the Spring Festival some time ago when someone was carrying a blower to catch the train, the fan has 500 ml of gasoline. After police evicted the gasoline, the machine was cleaned and gasoline was collected. Therefore, carry these "Pec" machines must be cleaned of gasoline, carrying dangerous goods to the station, the most serious punishment can be stopped. I'm very seriously sick …

Admonish everyone while they move, be sure to pay attention to safety.

China's anti-fire response to Ping An "is not very sick":

The air blower of Li Yubao's grandfather's house is hand-operated. It does not take long to use gasoline. Looks like he's never seen it. However, it is a reminder that it is strictly forbidden to bring dangerous goods such as gasoline to the station. You are not seriously ill, you are chaotic …

@ 平安 北京 said, you said I'm hot? I am logical and well grounded.

You are not seriously ill, you are chaotic …

@ 平安 北京 is reminded that the fan can not bring the train, here @ 警民 直通车 -Shanghai will remind everyone:

Welding work must be certified!

So our Abu has something to say …

How are these little series so clear?

After reading "Oh it's Peggy", is there any security warning to say?

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