Passengers sent 143 million passengers before the Spring Festival of the Railway – Year-on-year growth, security protection, China Railway, rail sector, new opening – People's Daily


2019-02-06 05:05:53 Source: People's Daily

The reporter learned from China Railway Corporation that since the Spring Festival entered on January 21, 143 million passengers were sent in the first 15 days of the National Railway Festival, an increase of 8.6% . Among them, on January 26, 104.96 million passengers were sent, and the highest number of passengers sent by the Spring Festival, the day before the holiday.

In order to cope with the flow of passengers before the holiday, the department increased the transportation potential, optimized the organization of transportation, increased the transportation capacity and fully utilized the transport capacity of the newly opened line last year, adopting several measures, increasing railway transport capacity by 5.3%. In response to the recent rain and snow, Harbin, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Nanchang and other railway agencies have comprehensively optimized pit stops, waiting, ticketing, boarding, boarding and outbound and strengthen passengers in densely populated areas and key locations. Organize and implement anti-skid safety measures for rain and snow to ensure passenger safety and order.


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