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Online Reporter Economic Observer Qian Yujuan In the process of rapid development and fierce competition in the shared bicycle industry, with the increasing number of brand participants and bicycles, the industry has become increasingly chaotic, untidy, private and private. Obstacles that impede the development of industry.

In the long-term follow-up interview with the shared bicycle industry, the reporter Economic Observer found that an aspect of the shared bicycle industry, including ofo, was criticized because many bicycles were tossed maliciously into rivers, high-speed transmission belts, etc. . In dangerous areas, some bicycles parked in remote areas and even company operations personnel are hard to find.

It can be clarified that the chaos problem mentioned above does not only affect the normal use of bicycles shared by local users, but also seriously increases the off-line operating costs of shared bicycle companies.

Nowo, who has just completed the organizational restructuring, issued a notice on December 6 due to prudent control of operating costs, said that will gradually announce and implement the new version of the "shared bicycle ofo user parking specification" (hereinafter referred to as "Specifications"). "). In addition to prohibited areas of government, the Code also specifies parking areas, ie users who park in non-designated areas will be considered as non-standard parking. The designated parking area will be composed of two parts: "parking area planned by the government department on both sides of the main road of the city" and "common parking point of users based on riding data".

In the advertisement, Theo pointed out that the "normative" aims to introduce a combination of rewards and punishments to guide users to regulate parking and create a good urban travel environment.

In the opinion of Zhou Weiguo, general manager of Ofo's domestic operations department, beforeo had actively cooperated with the Ministry of Communications and local governments to issue "Guidelines to Encourage and Regulate the Development of Rented Bicycles Over the Internet" and made fences and roads electronics in cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Technical explorations such as nails, in line with government-defined parking areas, implement the corresponding parking regulations. However, from the actual situation, it is impossible to completely eliminate the phenomenon of illegal parking and cycling.

The ofo told the Observer of Economic Observer that once the new version of the "Specifications" was implemented, after the end of the user's tour, the parking area with the logo could be found in the App of, and the parking fee could be settled usually within the specified area. If you stop in an unnamed area, you will not be able to settle your billing, but you'll also receive a platform notice.

"The introduction of the parking site specification in this" Regulation "is based on the new shared bicycle industry fund that has shifted from incremental management to inventory management and further implements joint governance of users, businesses and government. Zhou Weiguo pointed out that this time around The reform will clarify the roles and responsibilities of the three above-mentioned parties, focusing on guiding users to park in designated places, facilitating travel and standardizing travel experience, which not only eases administrative pressure of the municipal administration in the sharing of bicycles, but also promotes the whole industry of shared bicycles. Sustainable development.

When asked by the reporter economic observation network to specify the specific method, the ofo revealed that it will analyze a lot of large data information such as user riding data and GPS navigation and then control the user after walking through the corresponding model management. Bicycle parking management.

It is noteworthy that the increasing cost of off-line operation and maintenance is the current shared company of bicycles, including ofo, which must be considered and strictly controlled. For the launch of theo's "Specs" announcement, Internet industry analyst Ge Jia believes that for theo itself, the cost of the huge off-line operation and maintenance brought on by bicycle recycling in the past, "On the premise that the technology can be achieved through the corresponding measures to supervise Or guide users to standardize parking vehicles, which can reduce the workload of their operation and maintenance staff offline, saving many operating costs.

From previous attempts to ofo to regulate user parking, Ge Jia said that the new "Code" will not only take time, but also will present higher requirements for technology costs and research and development of theo bicycle, but he said, At least In a short time, the user may be reminded that parking after the bike is used in the case of & supervised & # 39 ;, which can alleviate the phenomenon of chaos & arbitration.

Liu Xingliang, dean of DCCI Research Institute, agrees that oo will facilitate bicycle management. From the user's point of view, he believes that after the implementation of this "standard," he returned to the old road where there were urban public bicycles and bicycles ". Liu Xingliang believes that public bicycles in cities such as Hangzhou and Taiyuan have done a good job before sharing bicycles, but the biggest problem is that this is not convenient, it can only be parked in designated and limited places. The designated parking area is either closed or open, but is not so convenient for users to use under management specifications.

The ofo told the Economic Observer Online that after the publication of the "Regulations", specific rules and regulations will be announced with the opening of the city as of December 10, and will be gradually implemented nationwide in the future.


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