Not playing basketball, Kobe's eldest daughter has already transferred the project, the super gene allows her to quickly join the school team.


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Original title: No basketball Kobe's eldest daughter has already transferred the project, the super gene allows her to quickly enter the school team.

A few days ago, Kobe trained the second daughter of the Jaina team and once again saw the network. Although the players are a group of 12-year-old girls, since the team's name is Mamba, Jaina is the main player, and the department guides him.

Hard work pays off and the team that the department guided won the championship. The three daughters of Kobe lined up in a row and took pictures of the championship.

As a father, Kobe is also very proud of her. The second daughter, Jaina, inherited her father's sporting genes perfectly. She has a pair of long arms over her knee and is well versed in shooting and shooting.

In an earlier interview, Kobe said that he had recovered to the strong figure of the past in order to lose weight, and began to see the sun at 4 in the morning in Los Angeles.

Of course, Kobe did not start training alone.

Bryant said that when she trains in the morning, her daughter will be with her. At 4 o'clock every day, Kobe came to the training room with his 15-year-old daughter, and after the morning training, the eldest daughter went to school. Kobe did not stop and continued training with his 12-year-old daughter.

Kobe said that he is guiding his daughters to learn the triangle offense. Lakers general manager Pelinka also revealed that Kobe is training his daughter's team for three hours a day.

However, Kobe's eldest daughter, Natalia, aged 15, moved quietly, though her height is about six feet. She did not play basketball and changed volleyball, of course, thanks to the powerful genes, Natalya entered the school team in no time.

Some netizens have said that Laoke must cultivate the three daughters' football level so that the three sisters can become members of the national team of American women's basketball, women's volleyball team and women's soccer team!Go back to Sohu and see more

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