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Original title: Nicholas Tse, Wu Yanzu, "Feng Wei" encountered challenges 20 years later, the show brought together

Friends come together to be extraordinarily warm and help turn dreams into food! At 62:00 this Saturday night, Zhejiang Satellite TV Anmuxi "Feng Wei" will continue to launch a gourmet adventure in Greece. In this episode, Nicholas Tse will join "old friend" Wu Yanzu for the first time after 20 years of cooperation in the program, and the two will challenge the three-day refurbished restaurant to help Chinese Qiqi, who is teaching Greek, to play on the beach . "Speed ​​and passion," sea fishing to break the "Feng Ting" "fishing charm", but also face a wave of tri-Fold and food-related fish shopping … The whole trip is full of unknown fun. In addition to sharing food and architecture, Nicholas Tse Wu Yanzu also revived the films in which the two worked together, talked, talked about family changes, talked about the transformation of men and organized a wave of "memory killing."

Nicholas Tse, Wu Yanzu suffered an "impossible mission." The two men came out of the sea to break the "Feng Taste" "Fishing Magic"

In "Little Eggs", at the end of the first phase of "Feng Wei", reveals the "adventure" that Nicholas Tse's trip to Greece will encounter. In this episode, the first two experienced a beach and a beautiful debut, igniting "speed and passion", and also began a joke about "age", called "Uncle Dan, Uncle Nic." To help the local Chinese girl who teaches Greek, Qiqi, to fulfill the desire to relive the beautiful memories with friends, the challenge is to renew the "three without restaurants" without electricity, without cooking utensils and without firewood in three days. At the same time we should prepare dinner for at least five people.Although there is Wu Yanzu who understands architecture, Nicholas Tse who will cook, but such a short time is almost an "impossible task."

In order to prepare fresh kitchen ingredients, "black hole fishing" Nicholas Tse and "novice fishing" Wu Yanzu want to go fishing in person, and even some people accidentally "jumping out of the sea", it is necessary to break the show "can not catch the curse of the fish. " The process of buying seafood with Nie Weifeng, who is more potent than fish, is also full of twists. To buy fish, the market is full of frozen seafood and then go to the seafood market at one kilometer away and meet the weekend to close the store, watching the sky is late Dinner is not yet resolved. In addition, in the process of helping girls to dream, it is natural to savor the local food, the anti-religious Xie Weifeng of Wu Yanzu proved the authentic way to Qingkou, and Xie Yufeng praised "interesting." Nicholas Tse also inspired the creation of local landmark "Cream House", saying that he would create special dishes for this dream dinner, and Wu Yanzu would also personally cook special dishes.

Nicholas Tse prepares "surprise" for Wu Yanzu to revive the old transition between boy and man

In addition to helping girls dream and weave beautiful memories brought by food, in this episode, Nicholas Tse and Wu Yanzu will revisit the old days of those years. Nicholas Tse carefully prepared a special "surprise" for his friend Wu Yanzu, who specially produced a short film from the film that was filmed by two people, who watched them and remembered the family and the dreams. They did not forget to confuse their friend Feng Delun. The change, from madness, desperate to know how to enjoy life, is more touching and laughing.

In fact, long before the show was released, Wu Yanzu once took a picture of herself and Nicholas Tse, saying that they had many feelings about life during their travels, they all evolved from one boy to another. It can be seen that Feng Feng's journey offers an opportunity for the two to have a heart-to-heart relationship. It also allows us to see the healing power brought by food. It is a lasting friendship that saw the precious friendship between good friends.

Share food and share love! Nicholas Tse and Wu Yanzu can break the "Feng Wei" fishing curse and fish successfully? Can the "refurbished restaurant" go smoothly? What are the interesting and hot stories of the two? All unknown adventures are only to be answered at 10:00 pm "Feng Ting" on Saturday.


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