Nanyang High-tech Zone: production of stereotypes of "car with hydrogen in the hydrogen engine" needs to be improved and improved – News – Zhejiang Online


  1. Nanyang High-tech Zone: Stereotyped mass production "hydrogen-powered car" still needs improvements and improvements – News – Zhejiang News
  2. Youth car production and sales mission exhibition: Nanyang government wants to help sell 1.2 billion yuan car
  3. Can off-line water and hydrogen vehicles only run on water? CCTV: Hehe РViewpoint · Observation cnBeta
  4. Nanyang spent 80 million yuan to buy 72 hydrogen-powered buses, responsible for the company Pang Youth Children's Association.
  5. Viewpoint Xinhua | "Water Hydrogen Engine" coming? The local business government said that this Baidu
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