Thursday , October 21 2021

Mortgage interest for the first home tax "deduction loan deduction period" is not more than 20 years –


  1. Mortgage interest for the first home tax "reward loan" deduction period of no more than 20 years
  2. The maximum deduction is 150,000! The special method of tax deduction for taxation is announced: from the education of children to the rental of home loans, how to deduct the six deductions and how many deductions are made.
  3. Tax Reform: These expenses can be deducted before taxes.

    These two groups will benefit the Chinese Herald of New Zealand.

  4. Special tax deductions need to be submitted to the materials? How to release the operation method
  5. The tax cut wave is here! Calculate the monthly income of 15,000 yuan from January 1, which will be reduced by six major deductions to save money.
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