Men's and women's basketball games in Guangdong for two consecutive days Hongyuan fight for 10 consecutive wins – Dongguan Daily – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-11 12:05:06 Source: Dongguan Daily

The Nanchang Electric newspaper lost to Fujian (the front house team, the same below) at 104: 117 last night, Shandong hit the same team in 116: 93, Shenzhen 152: 130 victory over Tianjin three games, the regular season of the CBA tenth round today 7:35 pm to continue, the new season to complete the beginning of the series nine wins the men's basketball team Hongyuan will be against Bayi away, continue to play Kay is undoubtedly the constant goal of Tigre of South China.

The war between the men and women of the Guangdong basketball team began for two consecutive days and Hongyuan fought for 10 consecutive wins.

It is worth noting that in the WCBA league that was held simultaneously with the CBA, this round also staged a more serious "Jiangsu-Guangdong War" – last night in Nanchang, the new eight-round victory of the new season, Dongguan Xinyisheng team women's basketball With Bayi (combined with the women's basketball team this season), the battle began in the absolute sense. After four quarters of battle, Dongguan Xinshengsheng won by 96:92. Combined with the current performance outlook, in the situation where the overall schedule is thicker and denser, Dongguan Xinyi has the strength to wait for the peak.

Under the coincidence of the calendar, the CBA and WCBA versions of the "Jiangsu-Guangdong War" can be said a visual refraction of the trajectory of the Chinese basketball champion – the men's basketball court is not much to say, the military and Guangdong are " eight crowns "The Chinese basketball team is the only one in the first four sessions of the women's basketball team, and Southern Guangdong Rose, who has never been the champion, also waited for this season.

Back to the Hongyuan men's basketball team, although Lien Chan has succeeded, but this road trip has another accidental downsizing: after Yi Jianlian's foot injury for at least two weeks, after Meng Haowei's treatment, Wang Yakai was continuously crushed in recent competition and training. , resulting in incomplete fracture of the ribs, the game away from home can not accompany the team, and will also be absent for a while.

Due to the conflict with this round of WCBA events, the South China Tiger adaptation training was not held yesterday at the site of the Nanchang International Sports Center. In the vice-hall of the sports center, players are mainly based on physical recovery. After leading the team to complete adaptive training, Hongyuan male basketball coach Du Feng and assistant coach Ma Yongzhong went to the women's basketball team to attend this extraordinary "Jing Yue War".

Similar to the Bayi women's basketball team, Bayi's men's basketball team also adapted this season and moved from Ningbo to Nanchang. Under the leadership of new coach Wang Zhizhi, military transformation improved significantly. After defeating the Beijing North Control in the last round, the first nine rounds of the battle were 3 wins and 6 losses. He reached the total number of wins last season, and morale is very exciting.


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