Manchester United at home draw with Arsenal: not "German" and "teacher", the two teams are still in the "pain period" – Sports News


  1. Manchester United draw at home with Arsenal: not "German" and "teacher", both teams are still in the "painful period" _Sports and Social Welfare
  2. Manchester United fault! Mu Shuai hit his face and fight for 250 million strong support can not rely on
  3. Mu Shuai does not believe the player has betrayed to refute his own media: I will not say! NetEase mobile
  4. Premier League – Red Devils Gemini breaks Lakazette Jiangong Manchester United 2-2 Gunners_Forbidden Sohu Zone
  5. Premier League – Martial broke the goal and retreated the tie of Manchester United 2-2 with Arsenal 4 wins
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