Ma Yun talks about the introduction of talents: Talent has the ability to see their personal income tax – People – Ma Yun


On the afternoon of January 14, the inaugural meeting of the Consultation Meeting of the Hainan Provincial People's Governor and the first annual meeting (the first meeting) was held in Sanya, Hainan, on January 12.The meeting agreed that Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Lian Jianzhang, Ning Gaoning and Zhou Qiren became officially members of the first consultation meeting.All members elected Ma Yun as the chair of the consultation meeting, and Ma Huateng served as vice president of the consultation meeting.

Regarding the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong), Ma Yun gave advice. He believes that the introduction of talent can not only look for fame, look for certificates, read documents, it is difficult to introduce enterprising talents. He also said that the company never saw a diploma before recruiting. "In my opinion, getting a doctorate can only prove that your father paid more than a few years of teaching.If a talent is really capable, it depends on how much he pays in the company's personal income tax; the higher the personal income tax, the more personal it is. ",

Ma Yun said that any company uses this person.If he has a salary of two million, he must have a level, if he is not level, we will have blown him the next day. He has a salary of several million for several years in a row, and he must have a level. This is real talent, the doctor is very much now. Therefore, Hainan is now very popular among the elderly, which is very important, but should attract young people.


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