Lu Media refers to the clear interest of Ma Yun in Taobao Alibaba denied with urgency – Epoch Times


  1. Lu Media refers to the release of Taobao shares by Ma Yun. Alibaba has urgently denied the Epoch Times.
  2. The forefront of the transfer of δΈ¨ Ma Yun of the shares of Qing Taobao disappeared from Ali? Ali: normal and normal operation 36kr
  3. Disappear the Ali system: Ma Yun, Xie Shihuang transferred the patrimony of Qing Taobao – People – Ma Yun cnBeta
  4. Alibaba: Ma Yun never transferred to Taobao shares and there is no such plan.
  5. After the retirement announcement for more than 100 days, China's richest man Ma Yun out of the e-commerce network Taobao Multidimensional Equity News Network
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