Live for a long time! The Chinese women's soccer team in Australia will play a warm-up match with the local men's football – the best, group, star, group head, too – now sports


2018-12-11 17:10:06 Source: Today Sports

The results of the grouping of the Women's World Cup in France in 2019 have already been announced. For the Chinese team, obviously not a good sign for the German team, the Spanish team and the South African team. However, presumably, which team does not want the third team in the group to be the Chinese team. For the Chinese team, the continuation of the "Women's World Cup must enter the top eight" is the main goal for France next year.

In terms of Chinese team strength, the game with the German team and the Spanish team will be in a difficult battle. Even if they play against the South African team, the Chinese team should not be taken lightly. According to the schedule, if the Chinese team wins first place in Group B, they will face the best third place in Group A, Group C and Group D. This is obviously the best result for the Chinese team. If the team does not get the first place, the situation will be severe. Even if he becomes the second group B, the Chinese team will face first place in Group F, and the opponent will probably be the U.S. championship team. Once the best third place in the four teams, the Chinese team will probably face the name of group D or C, which may be Japan, England, Australia and Brazil, which also have the same strength. Strong. To advance to the quarter-finals, the Chinese team needs to work harder.

In preparation for the Women's World Cup in France, the Chinese team is about to go to Australia for training. Australian team coach Alan Stajic has revealed plans to prepare the Chinese team. "I know that during the Australian training camp, the Chinese team will play warm-up matches with some women's football clubs and even play against the men's football team." The Chinese Football Association gave great support to the Chinese team and gave great protection regardless of funds and resources. " This gives them the opportunity to be a strong contender for next year's World Cup, "Stajic said.


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