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Jingdong Chairman and CEO Liu Qiangdong opened a new company last week. The new company was named Tianjin Jingdong Daye Trading Co., Ltd., and its business scope is wholesale and retail.Liu Qiangdong's 30-year-old female assistant, Zhang Wei, is a legal person. According to Skyscan, on January 24 of this year, Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd. added foreign investment and opened Tianjin Jingdong Daye Trading Co., Ltd., which covers wholesale and retail (including Internet retail), and also includes services and computers. Mounting, etc.

The company's registered capital is 20 million yuan, the legal representative is Liu Qiangdong assistant Zhang Wei, Liu Qiangdong is the company manager.

What is Zhang Wei?

Interestingly, the identity of female assistant Zhang Wei caused speculation.

According to public information, Zhang Yusheng was born in 1989 and is a Jingdong management trainee.He has worked for Jingdong Finance and is now an assistant to Liu Qiangdong.

The data show that there are 427 companies under the name of Zhang Wei, who is only 30 years old and are distributed in Jiangsu, Beijing and other places including e-commerce, medicine and finance. Among them, she is a legal person in 195, 198 as an executive and 4 as a shareholder.

Why let her be a nice person?

According to speculations, Liu Qiangdong has made Zhang Wei the legal entity of many companies, mainly to facilitate and shorten the internal signing process. For many years, Jingdong opened many subsidiaries and affiliates. Many companies' financial statements, contracts and business processes require the signature or legal representative's identity card. Therefore, in addition to the matrix, other agencies often do not need to use the founder and the CEO as legal representatives.

However, not everyone can become a corporate legal person. According to the criminal liability determination, many crimes, including illegal disclosure and manipulation of stock prices are related to legal representative. Therefore, Jingdong can take two measures: under normal circumstances, the parent company is Liu Qiangdong, the signature is its own, the branch is signed by Zhang Wei and others. (Han Dapeng)


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