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Liu Qiangdong more female cattle herding is on fire again: there are 427 companies under the name – People –

The female assistant to Jingdong Group CEO Liu Qiangdong is on fire again. The origin of the incident was that Jingdong opened a new company last week.The new company was named Tianjin Jingdong Daye Trading Co., Ltd., and its business scope is wholesale and retail.Zhang Wei is a legal person.Careful people inquired that there are 427 companies under the name of Zhang Wei, which are distributed in Jiangsu and Beijing and that the company's business scope includes e-commerce, medicine and finance.

Liu Qiangdong, female assistant, Zhang Wei

Zhang Wei is the legal representative of Jingdong New Company

Zhang Wei is a legal entity of 195 companies

Among them, Zhang Wei served as legal representative in 195, 198 as an executive and 4 as shareholder.

This is again that Zhang Wei caught the attention of the outside world. As early as 2016, Zhang Wei was highly regarded as a corporate legal person who was a company of several companies in Jingdong.

That year, the legal person and executive director of the Beijing Jingdong Century moved from Liu Qiangdong to Zhang Wei on June 27 of that year, the legal person and executive director of Beijing Jingbangda also moved from Liu Qiangdong to Zhang Wei.

At that time, some people were still amazed at why this woman named Zhang Wei had such a "magical power" in Jingdong, and become the "second person" inside Jingdong.Even the media was alarmist. Liu Qiangdong divorced his sister. Rumors

In fact, Zhang Yusheng was born in 1989 as a Jingdong management trainee. He used to work for Jingdong Finance and is now an assistant to Liu Qiangdong.

In 2011, after graduating from the Central University of Finance and Economics, Zhang Wei became the Jingdong Guan Peisheng. The oldest Guan Peisheng was personally trained by Liu Qiangdong and was known as the Jingdong Army of Jingdong.

Zhang Wei went to Jingdong Beauty Department in 2012 in 2015, he became the legal person and executive director of the insurance brokerage, in 2016 he replaced the veteran Jingdong Sun Jiaming, a shareholder of Cheng Jingdong and acted as the legal entity / executive director of 47 affiliated companies and even the president.

Earlier, the CEO of the Internet industry pointed to Lei Di. "The practice of corporate change is normal, and our company is not mine, except for all the companies in the listed companies.

The above mentioned person said there are many problems in corporate law firms in China Industrial and commercial changes require me to be present.If there are problems, a municipal level attorney can control it, so it is less likely to be smaller. In addition, China does not recognize people.

"Liu Qiangdong is not trying to escape his responsibility, but the company is growing more and more, and someone needs to help with these things."

Of course, Liu Qiangdong's approach is different from BAT, BAT chooses corporate executives to be the legal representatives of these companies, Liu Qiangdong chose his female assistant as legal representative, which also shows that Liu Qiangdong has high confidence in the assistants. Too many Jingdong executives.

Lei Diwang Lei Jianping reports

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