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Liu Qiangdong case update: the female lawyer's response will start a civil action, the two sides hold the same word


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At noon on December 21, US time, Hunter County prosecutor Mike Freeman announced to Caijing that he would not start a criminal case against Liu Qiangdong because of insufficient evidence. The lawyer made a statement after the prosecution decided a few hours, accusing the prosecution of being unfair, saying that the prosecution "never asked to meet the girl" and decided to start a civil action against Liu Qiangdong.

Previously, Caijing reported the gathering of evidence and incidents reported by the prosecutor and lawyer Liu Qiangdong. After examining the evidence, the prosecution said that "by reviewing surveillance videos, text messages, police videotapes and witness testimony, the burden of proof could not be met, so the charges could not be made." Liu Qiangdong's lawyer, Jill Brisbois, said in a statement that "the initiative of women." And "ask for money repeatedly on multiple calls and text messages". Click to read: "The case of Liu Qiangdong landing: the US prosecutor does not prosecute Liu Rendong lawyer said the woman repeatedly extorted money"

According to the latest Associated Press news, attorney Wil Florin replied that the Hennepin County Attorney's Office never asked to meet the girl and never asked her any questions. He also criticized the prosecution for posting news before the Christmas holidays, and even "not telling her his intentions with the usual courtesy."

The Associated Press reported that attorney Florin filed a civil suit against Liu Qiangdong in the United States and believed that Liu Qiangdong should be handed over to the civil jury to decide whether Liu Qiangdong and Jingdong's representatives should be responsible for the incident.

In response, a Minneapolis Police Department spokesman said police had "talked to the woman" once, "Hennepin County prosecutor Mike Freeman declined to comment.

Last year, Minnesota's local newspaper, Stars, published a series of reports documenting widespread failures in how police conduct investigations of sexual assault. The newspaper analyzed more than 1,300 cases of sexual assault in 2015-2016, and only one in four were prosecuted by the prosecution and less than 10% of reports of sexual assault ended in conviction.

Prosecutors say they can not charge someone with a crime unless there is evidence that a criminal act has occurred. Hennepin County prosecutor Mike Freeman is seeking funding to hire more prosecutors to deal with the rape. His office analyzed 40 cases in 2018 that were not prosecuted for lack of evidence, but spokesman Chuck Laszewski said the review had been completed and the decision not to prosecute those cases was correct.

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