Liu Dehua sings 20 games in the Red Pavilion for six years The six-year-old daughter should be helped – worry-free information


Liu Dehua

Daughter sitting under the table

Reported on December 16 According to Taiwan's news reports, after the recovery of Andy Lau (Hua Tsai), the "My Love Andy Lau World Tour-Hong Kong 2018" New Year's Concert was held in Yuhong, and officially began on the 15th. first time Liu Xiangyu, a 6-year-old daughter, and his wife, Zhu Liqian, and their parents appeared on stage to enjoy the performance.It seems that they do not care about the daughter's public appearance.

Hua Tsai appeared in a white Tang suit mantle and sang "Premeditated." At the age of 57, he took off his tunic and showed his strong muscles and drums. He was handsome and handsome; then dressed in a pink Tang suit to sing "Stupid Child". He said, "Children who were born eight years ago are already eight years old. I really want to feel the applause I was seven or eight years ago." I lay on the floor and felt everyone's applause. He said, "I forgot, do you still remember? I'm old."

After eight years of standing in the Red Pavilion and singing 20 games, Hua Tsai also entered the preparations for the initial phase, as well as drinking plenty of water and protecting cockroaches, also drinking tea every day and even whispering in his words. He appeared at the back door of the Red Pavilion yesterday afternoon to hold a worship ceremony. Almost a hundred fans waited on the scene. When he appeared, he exploded in a scream and he was happy to wave his hand to the fans. Due to the vegetarian diet in recent years, the living items are mostly vegetarian, like fruits.

He is well known in the entertainment industry, and is also an idol of many people including Jackie Chan, Hong Jinbao, Jacky Cheung, Guan Zhilin, Donnie Yen and other movie stars. These stars are all sent to the flower baskets. Tsai Chin, Xie Jinyan and Lu Guangzhong also bless the ocean. The word line is quite spectacular.


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