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Original title: Lilac Garden responded by selling "insoles of high price": prices of medical equipment with service charge

In late 2018, the clove garden published an article by the public medical media questioning Quan Jian and the products he sold, which caused public concern.

On January 11, a net article pointed out that although the price of the "bone-based" insole for Liyuan Garden is high, the "orthopedic insole" sold by Lilac Garden under Lilac Garden is priced at RMB 1980. The price of a health insole is almost twice as large. According to the article, the clove garden has attacked the right to win a larger market for its own products.

In response, a staff member in the public relations department of the Lilac Garden responded to the Beijing News reporter on January 12 that the clove garden is a private medical institution and the price of the "orthopedic insole" includes the service fee for the the product. In addition, the "orthopedic insole" is not an insole. It is a national medical device with relevant qualifications. The product was launched in the first half of 2018. For the power system to attack their own products, the team said "silly."

The image shows the orthopedic insole. Weibo screenshot

Liquid text refers to the clove garden to attack the right health system for its own products

On December 25, 2018, Dr. Clove released the article "The Ten Thousands of Empires of Health and the Chinese Family in the Shadow." The article questioned the price of the "bone base" insole of Quanjian products.

Recently, the WeChat public number called "Walking and Singing" released an article entitled "We all know that the lilac garden will grow prey, but I did not expect it to be so fast," an online store of the lilac clinic under the clove garden. "Orthopedic insoles" questioned.

According to the article, the lilac garden on Quan Jianyi, a concern is the "high price", that is, the "bone base" insole costs 1068 yuan. The insole has a discount at the time of sale, and the purchase price is about seven or eight hundred. In fact, Lilac Garden's lilac clinic also sells an online "orthopedic insole", which is also expensive, at $ 1980, almost double the purchase price of the Quanjian insoles. The article believes that the harness power of the clove garden is to make their products gain more space in the market.

The site also listed a news item that was previously noted by Lilac Garden. In September 2018, the Xinhua News Agency reported that the price of a correction treatment insole sold by Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital was 2,650 yuan, but the supplier shipped The price is only 260 yuan. This suggests that the insole sold by the lilac garden can be sold at a high price but is not blaming others.

On January 12, the Beijing News reporter did not look for the insole on the lilac clinic's platform.

Cactus clinic (Hangzhou Binjiang store) screenshot of the official website

Answer: "Orthopedic insole" is a medical device with complete qualifications

On Jan. 12, an official in the public relations department of Lilac Garden told the Beijing News reporter that the "orthopedic insole" cited in the text is not an insole, it is a medical external fixation strap and belongs to the first national medical device class.

The official said that the "orthopedic insoles" sold in the clove garden were not sold to the general population. Previously, the lilac clinic showed only the product, and the display price was not the uniform price of the product, the specific price would be based on the physician's assessment and measurement, and the price would be calculated after reading the points. Therefore, the product can only be customized after being evaluated by a physician before it can be used. "The price is not fixed in 1980 yuan."

According to a paper sent to the Beijing News reporter Lilac Garden, the product uses 100% EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) material, professionally designed custom insoles, more suited to the needs of the disease. The purchase of the orthopedic insole needs to be evaluated in the clinic, otherwise the insole can not be customized according to the condition of the user. According to the individual foot condition, the physician comprehensively evaluates 360 degree foot and leg development (including scoliosis screening, gait analysis, pelvic evaluation, biomechanical analysis of the lower limbs, bow and plantar pressure). Customized insoles for individual foot conditions, the specialized individual tracking service helps to improve the treatment effect. Although remote initial evaluation is possible, remote evaluation can not obtain custom data insoles.

If the "bony basal" insole and the Jiangsu hospital insole are "high-end insoles", does the "orthopedic insole" of the clove garden at a similar price also belong to the "high-end insole"? In that regard, the team did not respond directly, but said the lilac clinic is a private medical institution that does not benefit from financial subsidies and tax incentives for public hospitals. Private medical institutions are complementary to public medical institutions, with clove clinics more representative of the value of professional medical service, which mainly includes service fees for subsequent products.

The staff member said that the price of the "orthopedic insole" is floating, just like a suspender. "The materials and the needs are different, and the price is also high. When using orthopedic insoles, you will go to the clinic to see how the situation is adjusted."

The team said that the manufacturer "orthopedic insole" has complete qualification of production of medical equipment, and the various documents on the purple clinic platform are also complete, and can sell related products.

In response to the "power of attack" online, it is for the entry of their own products into the market, "the team said it was" absurd ".

Screen capture of the first medical device filing information device of Hangzhou City

Follow-up: This product has been archived in the relevant department

It is understood that the state implements a production filing system for a class of medical devices.

The staff of the public relations department of clove garden mentioned above since the qualification of medical device production of "Beijing orthopedic insole" to the Beijing News reporter, that is, the record number of Zhejiang Hangfang Equipment No. 20180125. On January 12, the Beijing News reporter did a search on the official website of the Hangzhou Market Supervision Administration to confirm the existence of the registration number. The name of the product was a fixed external medical key. The information on the official website show that this product is disclosed in the first class of medical device filing information of Hangzhou, and the product is produced by Hangzhou Foot Science Technology Co., Ltd.

The reporter's research found that Hangzhou Foot Science is a scientific and technological medical device company specializing in human biomechanics.

Fan Jingyi, deputy director of the Department of Orthopedics at Beijing Children's Hospital, told reporters that the orthopedic insole needs to be diagnosed by a doctor, and then manufacturers of orthopedic appliances can pedal and mechanical analysis of plantar force and then custom production. The insole sold by Quanjian is not a corrective device, there is no individualized design and there is no legal procedure for the correction of the device, it is not comparable to the insole of the orthopedic device.

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