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Li Chen has retired from the joint venture with Fan Bingbing, and Fan Bingbing's mother Zhang Chuanmei has become one of the new partners.

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Li Chen left with the joint venture company Fan Bingbing "width =" 443 "height =" 249Li Chen retires from joint venture company Fan Bingbing

Recently, some netizens discovered that after Fan Bingbing's tax issue was exposed, Li Chen had already withdrawn from a joint venture with Fan Bingbing, Wuxi Aimei Film and Television Culture Co. Ltd., valued at 740 million yuan, and Fan Bingbing's mother, Zhang Chuanmei, has become new. One of the partners and the legal entity of the company are no longer Fan Bingbing and the shareholders have changed.

It is reported that after the love affair of Fan Bingbing and Li Chen in November 2015, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing jointly established Aimei Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Aimei Enterprise Management"). In April 2018, the Wuxi Haishi Film and Television Culture Studio (Limited Partnership) joined and the legal and responsible representative of Aimei Enterprise Management was moved from Li Chen to Yan Enguang. However, on January 15 this year, Li Chen retired from the management of Aimei Enterprise.

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