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Original title: Let private companies feel the warmth of the party at all times

Hunan Daily reporter Zhou Yunwu

Secretary-General Xi Jinping's keynote speech at the private company's symposium has a clear speech. He has issued the strongest voice in the new era to vigorously support the development of private enterprises and promote the development of high-quality private economy. Dinghai. "Private entrepreneurs ate" comforting pills, "providing a strong line of thought for" six stables. "In particular, the Secretary-General emphasized that" two unshakeable companies, "" three unchanged " proposed "private enterprises and private entrepreneurs." This is an important discussion that our staff "protects the personal and property security of entrepreneurs and is of great importance to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the private economy." On December 23 , Hu Henghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Chang Municipal Party Committee sha, accepted the Hunan Daily reporter. During the interview, I was deeply impressed.

Hu Henghua said that reform and opening made the economy private, and the private economy also reached the development of Changsha. Over the past 40 years, Changsha's private economy has grown step by step, from weak to strong. The private economy of Changsha has a wide distribution, a large number of subjects and a great contribution. First, private enterprises are the main force in the development of Changsha. Today, Changsha has about 300,000 private enterprises, accounting for more than 93% of the total number of enterprises in the city, contributing more than 50% of the city's tax revenue, more than 60% of regional GDP and more than 70% of urban employment . At the same time, in this year's private 100 enterprises in the province, there are 49 in Changsha, close to 50%. Secondly, private companies are the promoters of industrial modernization. Private enterprises contributed to the training and modernization of Changsha engineering machinery, electronic information, new materials, automobiles, food and other 100 billion industrial clusters. They took the initiative of independent research and development, intelligent manufacturing, brand building, etc., and played a "pillar superior" to the transformation and industrial modernization of Changsha and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. Third, private enterprises are the tide of the market economy. Changsha's private enterprises dare to self-revolution, be courageous in reform and innovation, courageously explore in the establishment of modern enterprise systems, increase technology research and development, and increase the competitiveness of enterprises. They use practical actions to interpret the spirit of Changsha, which is "worry the world and dare to be first". They are important promoters and participants of market-oriented reforms: Sanyi Heavy Industry, Lansi Technology, Yitong Technology, Shanhe Intelligent, Shanshan New Materials, Yuanda Labor, Aier Ophthalmology, Pharmaceutical People's Pharmacy, Yanjin Many companies, such as shops, are listed companies and some have already become global. Changsha has a large number of excellent private entrepreneurs who are valuable assets to promote the development of Changsha.

"The Changsha Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have always attached great importance to the development of the private economy and provided sun and rain for the growth and development of private enterprises." Hu Henghua introduced that in the second half of this year, due to the uncertainty of the external environment, the macroeconomic operation has constantly changed Difficulties, Changsha City conscientiously implemented a number of important exhibitions on the development of the private economy by Secretary-General Jin Ping in accordance with the requirements the establishment of the "six stables" of the Party Central Committee and the provincial party committee, clearly stated that "helping enterprises is to promote development, and stable enterprises are stable expectations." Promote the development of high-quality private economy with "Thousands of People Helping Thousand Companies and Hundred Days" as a starting point. In recent years, the following measures have been taken:

First, support is given to politics. Changsha successively published "30 Industrial", 22 New Talent Policy, 1 + 4 Policy System for Innovation in Science and Technology, 2 + 4 for Open Economy, 12 Articles for Intellectual Property Protection and Promotion of Non-Public Economy. A series of policy measures, such as Development Implementation Opinions, systematically support companies to innovate and start a business, and to be stronger and better, to a large extent, for private companies. These policies have played an important role in creating a good ecology of innovation and industrial ecology. For example, Changsha currently has 67 A-share listed companies, ranking first in the central region, more than 430 smart manufacturing pilot companies, including 27 national pilot demonstrations of smart manufacturing and special projects, ranking first in provincial capitals.

The second is to optimize the business environment. Business is the future of the camp. Changsha City holds a symposium of private companies every year to hear opinions and solve problems. By focusing on establishing a facilitation, rule of law and international business environment, we will further promote the "service delivery" and "maximum run once" reforms and basically realize "just one network, just one clock, only one room, Run once, so that private companies have less concern about their work. Combined with the construction of 22 industrial chains, the practice is not shouted, on call and attentive service. He introduced "Various Opinions on Building Pro-" and "Qing" Relations between Government and Business, city leaders acted as the "chain leader" of the industrial chain and demonstrated on the pro-business side. frame style and incentives and promoted clear and clear training A new political and business relationship The Changsha Business Environment Index ranks ninth among the 35 largest cities in the country.

The third is to help see the action. Helping private companies can not be "air-to-air", and should be realistic and concrete. When analyzing the economic situation in the fourth quarter of this year, Changsha City felt that private enterprises have difficulties and the government should take steps to promote the implementation of the "six stables." As of October 24, the city selected 1,000 cadres to form 220 teams to carry out the "Thousands of People Helping Thousands of Companies and 100 Days of Action." The main target of assistance is private companies. Helping action to promote the implementation of the policy as the main line, with genuine sincerity, "real money and silver" to help enterprises, convey the trust for the company, implement the policy for the company, bring the party heat and government for the company. Over the past two months, leaders and helpers at all levels visited more than 4,300 companies, solved more than 3,300 real problems, deducted more than 1 billion yuan and granted loans of more than 10 billion yuan, greatly improving development expectations. Most private entrepreneurs generally feel that the party committee and the government have sent them as their own people and have sent "timely rain" to have more confidence in future development.

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