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2018-12-11 23:51:58 Source: I love Manchester United

Original title: Leaving La Iola, Lukaku signing a new broker

Manchester United striker Lukaku has signed with Italian soccer agent Federico Pastorello, who is also the agent of Conti, Emrejan, Boateng and others.

Previously, agent Lukaku was Raiola, and last year it was also a fat job to transfer Lukaku to Manchester United. But in April of this year, Lukaku decided to leave Laiola and now he joins the studio of the P & P Pastorello brokerage firm, which is the second brokerage firm Lukaku has signed in recent months. .

In April of this year, Lukaku signed a contract with brokerage firm Jay Z to increase business value. Lukaku is also the first Premier League player to hire an American music company, and Jay Z's brokerage also has stars like Shakira and DJ Khaled.Go back to Sohu and see more

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