La Liga-Bell volleys 802 minutes of ball missing Real Madrid 1-0 guest wins recently promoted _ Huesca


Original title: La Liga-Bell volley 802 minutes of ball shortage Real Madrid 1-0 customer wins newly promoted horse

At 23:15 on the night of December 9, Beijing time, the 15th round of the Spanish Football League in 2018-2019 began a battle of focus, Real Madrid away to the newly promoted Ma Huska. Bell scored the only goal in the game, Real Madrid beat Huesca 1-0 away.

This season is the first time Huesca has been involved in La Liga since its founding in 1910, having never played against Real Madrid, so this match is the first match between Real Madrid and Huesca in Liga history. After 14 rounds of La Liga this season, Huesca scored 1 win, 4 draws and 9 losses, only 7 points in the championship. Real Madrid currently has 7 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses in 14 rounds, and ranks fifth in 23 points.

After 7 minutes, Insua headed the ball and Echeta headed in the

At eight minutes, Real Madrid took the lead to break the deadlock, Aurelio Zola passed the right side of the road, and Bell left the left side of the restricted area to score a goal, 1-0.

At 17 minutes, Avila received a pass from Moi Gomez, and the right foot in the restricted area was hit by Kultuwa. After 19 minutes, Merrero sent a long ball towards Aguilera.

After 24 minutes, Carvajal received a yellow card. After 38 minutes, the Sebalos midfielder, Moy Gomez, was booked for a foul. After 41 minutes, Echeta got a yellow card for defensive foul. In the first half, the time was 1 minute. After that, the two sides did not make any conquest.After the interval, Real Madrid temporarily took Wesca 1-0.

In the second half of the game, the two sides did not make a substitution adjustment. At 47 minutes, Merrero received a pass from Ferrero in the middle of the area and the header was lost. After 53 minutes, Avila hit a right foot in front of the penalty area and was saved by Kurtova. On 55 minutes, Lucas Vazquez received a pass from Marcos Llorente, and his right foot hit the front of the penalty area and was saved by Jovanovic. In minute 57, Ferrero hit the left foot and the right foot of the area and was saved by Kurtova. After 1 minute, Valverde replaced Sebalos.

After 66 minutes, Modric was substituted by Isco. In the 70th minute, Bell left the restricted area to receive the Isco pass, and his left foot hit the far corner of the goal. In the 75th minute, Echetta received a header from Ferrero and scored a header. After 1 minute, Zeldar replaced Ferrero and Assencio replaced Bell. In the 80th minute, Insua defended Isco and received a yellow card of warning.

After 84 minutes, Longo switched Ávila. At 87 minutes, Pledo hit the ball with the left foot of the area and the goalkeeper hit the ball in the second half, after which both teams failed to make Real Madrid defeated Huesca 1-0.

Both sides played lineup:

Real Madrid (4-3-3): 25 – Kurtova / 2 – Carvajal, 4- Ramos, 5-Valane, 19 – Aurelio Zola / 18 – Marcos – Llorente, 10-Modric (22-Isco 66 & # 39;) , 24-Sebalos (15-Barved 58-) / 11-Bell (20-Asencio 76-), 17- Lucas Vazquez, 9-Benzema

Huesca (4-2-3-1): 25-Jovovich / 3-Echeta, 14-Pulido, 18-Insua, 24-Milalon / 5-Aguilera (8-Merreiro 19-), 6-Moy-Gómez / 7-Ferrero (Seldar 76 & # 39;), 17-Rivera, 19-Avila (12-Long 84 & # 39;) / 9- Hernandez

Technical statistics of both parties:

Real Madrid score (the highest in Odrio Sola)

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