Ke Jie won the six crowns: AI is very powerful, not confident to play chess, 1.85 million bonus to relieve the pressure of mortgages – People –


On December 5, the first person from Chinese Go, Ke Jie, reversed Korean chess player An Guofan by 2 to 1 in the first defeat of the game, won the Samsung Cup World Go Masters and won his sixth world championship. Before that, Ke Jie won the "Second Bailing Cup", "20/21 Samsung Cup", "Second Dream Lily Cup" and "The First New Olympic Cup".


For Ke Jie himself, this championship also set a new record: in 1997 he took the "Stone Buddha" Li Changyi and became the youngest king of six crowns in the world of chess.

After winning the championship, Ke Jie said in an interview that he often has no confidence to play chess, because now the AI ​​is very powerful, and each player is very close, so it is not easy to win the championship. This champion is very significant to himself and is his sixth world champion.

It is reported that the prize winner of the Samsung Cup is 300 million won (about 1.85 million yuan). Ke Jie joked about this: "In the last few days, the pressure on mortgages is too great, and the bonuses can make my livelihood unsatisfactory."


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