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Original title: Juventus against Inter Milan, the Italian national derby started this week

The 15th round of Serie A – the Italian national derby will be held in the opening hours of the 8th time of Beijing, Juventus vs Inter Milan, the current initial formation of the two teams are announced.

In the standings, after 14 rounds, Juventus 13 wins and 1 draw 40 points, leading the unbeaten, Inter Milan 9 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses and 29 points was third.

In terms of alignment, Milan midfielder Nain Golan missed the injury, while Juve's Emre-Zhan returned in February, but Sandro, Barzagli, Khedira and Keane failed to play.

Map of data: C Ronaldo in the game

List Juventus:

Goalkeeper: 1-Szczesny, 22-Peilin, 21-Pingolio

Defender: 2 Desilio, 3-Chiellini, 4-Benatia, 19-Bonucci, 20-Cancello, 24-Rugani, 37-Spinazola

Sock: 5-Pianic, 14-Matudi, 23-Emre-Zhan, 30-Bentancourt

Forward: 7-C Ronaldo, 10-Dibala, 11-Douglas-Costa, 16-Quadardo, 17-Manjukic, 33-Benadowski

Data Map: Captain Inter Milan Ikardi

Inter List:

Goalkeeper: 1-Handanovic, 27-Padley, 46-Berney

Defender: 2-Fusalico, 6-Defriy, 13-Nokia Home, 18-Asamoah, 23-Miranda, 33-Dan Brosio, 37-Shkryar

Soya: 5-Galildini, 8-Bessino, 15-Joo-Mario, 20-Barrero, 44-Pericic, 77-Brozovic

Advanced: 9-Ikardi, 10-Rotaro-Martinez, 11-Keta-Bardo, 16-Politano, 87-Candreva


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