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It is reported that Jingdong Logistics has announced the launch of an intelligent distribution robot distribution station in Changsha, which is also the world's first intelligent distribution station for robots to complete the distribution tasks.in

According to reports, the distribution station is located in Changsha Science and Technology New Town, covers an area of ​​600 square meters, with automatic sorting area, robot distribution anchorage area, loading area, cargo area and other areas, can accommodate 20 distribution robots at the same time, complete the merchandise Classification, robot docking, loading and other links.

After the parcel is transported from the logistics center to the delivery station, the goods are distributed according to the delivery location on the logistics distribution line. After completion of the distribution, the station's cargo staff will load the parcel into the delivery according to the address and distributed to the consumer by the delivery robot. .

According to the operation plan, the distribution station covers the first time the Changsha area Science and Technology New City The station uses the Jingdong 3.5-generation distribution robot, which not only has functions of autonomous navigation, intelligent avoidance of obstacles , traffic recognition, traffic recognition and facial recognition. 30 packages can be delivered at one time.

From the point of view of distribution capacity, the distribution station establishes a maximum of 2,000 packets per day and at the same time cooperates with the traditional methods of logistics distribution in the area to provide logistic distribution services for the 5 km of residents. 1

Yang Jing, general manager of the Automated Driving Center of Jingdong Logistics X Division, said that the world's first distribution robot distribution robot is used to solve the problem of distribution "last mile" of urban logistics.It is not only the logistics Jingdong unmanned technology and distribution. The deep integration of the business will also become a typical scenario for the future application and promotion of robots throughout the logistics and distribution industry, creating a national demonstration center for the distribution of intelligent logistics terminals.

So far, Jingdong distribution robots have been implemented in more than 20 cities across the country. According to Liu Xiangdong, director of the Jingdong Logistics X-Division Autopilot Center operation, the first intelligent distribution station in Changsha will be inaugurated, as well as the Jingdong Logistics Intelligent Distribution Demonstration Base in Hohhot, Mongolia Interior. The second smart distribution station.


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